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A breif look at a novel I`m working on [Please contact me if you like it]

by rosiemont 

Posted: 22 October 2009
Word Count: 394
Summary: What happens when you die?

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It was going to be a long day.
After two endless hours of looking at artefacts in the house we were allowed to eat lunch on the lawn outside the house. Of course, I would sit with Grace. Grace is indescribable. She has the most beautiful face I have ever seen and when she smiles, her eyes twinkle like stars on a midsummer night. I smiled just thinking about her.
“Brandon, what do you think heaven is like?” Grace asked. Her head was tilting as she tried to think of her own ideas.
“It’s probably quite big and has huge pearly gates.” I mocked and I could already sense the frustration in her face.
“Can you take something seriously for once, Brandon?” She sighed and then looking up at the clouds she said dreamily “But anyway I wouldn’t care what it was like, as long as you were with me.”
I stopped my thoughts that were buzzing in my head and I looked into her dreamy eyes and said “Yeah that would be perfect.”

We finally managed to leave the house and we were crossing the car park. I heard my name screeched. I whipped my head around to see who called me. I saw Grace with the worst look on her face. What was wrong? Then things seemed to slow down. I turned my head and saw a red Ford speeding along, the driver looked away. Death was inevitable. I felt a shooting pain in my hip and something crunched. The air sped pass me and I lay on the ground. I wanted to laugh, I wanted to cry. I heard a thousand tortured screams echo in my ear and something warm pressed against me. I breathed in a sweet fragrance, Grace. I smiled at her and suddenly I was losing grip.

Nothing can ever prepare you for death. I felt lighter and the light was blinding. I must be in hospital. I started walking. I couldn’t take my eyes off the brightness of the sky or the fact that I was walking on a white carpet. Something hit me, a girl.
“Ah, the new boy in town. I’m Elizabeth, named after my queen," she giggled "You must be Brandon. Everyone has been talking about you” It clicked at that precise moment, I was in heaven. I needed answers, I needed them now.

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