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by Esther Frances 

Posted: 16 October 2009
Word Count: 162
Summary: A summary of me

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Do you truly land for me
on this fingertip that beckons you forth?
And do you sometimes plan your flight path
so that I can capture you
on the sports mode of my camera?

Please colour up my day
with that imagination
long since lost to children
And perhaps engrave whatever it is
that you gather from your constant fleeting
on my open heart?

From flower to thistle to flower
and back again
Please keep me duly tempted
on your fellow journey
of moth-like dumbness
and absolute bee-mindlessness
And all in awe of you!

And please make me believe
that you will come to me again
For you have visited me
so many times before
Your antenna twitching that everythingness I seek

And please donít die quite as quickly
as they say you often do
But clone every single moment
So as to make two
.....or four, or eight
and then duplicate
your sum
Until those butterflies
become an endless swarm

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