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Supposing I...

by Warner 

Posted: 12 September 2009
Word Count: 66
Summary: a friend of mines little poems
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I suppose I know,
I suppose.
Callous fragility of toe I think I grow,
I suppose.
Blind leading the deaf leading the mime leading the hapless,
I suppose.
Helpfully prone, apt only when ceaselessly adept,
I suppose.
But buried goes prose like coke-dick nose goes,
I suppose.
Dumbfounded Noís, in time.
Knows not, chosen foes. No knots,
I supposed.

Helplessly untie me.
I propose unto thee.

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Comments by other Members

freynolds at 08:50 on 14 September 2009  Report this post
Hi Ed,

An interesting proposal. Being set free by being tied. Some strong images here and the use of strong words to suggest them. Who is your poet friend? I assumed (perhaps wrongly) that this is the voice of a man wanting his freedom but being hopelessly slave to an addictive mistress, perhaps not of the human nature...

I'm curious to know more about it.


FelixBenson at 12:27 on 15 September 2009  Report this post
Hi Warner

Encourage your friend to join WW

There is only postive and well considered feedback here - and he/she can remain anonymous if need be.

I will be happy to give feedback to any member of the group and interested to read more of your friend's work.

Cheers, Kirsty

Felicity F at 13:42 on 16 September 2009  Report this post

This is a very abstract poem,and the words and phrases stand out alone by themselves, but as a poem I am not sure I am getting the meaning of it all. I see what Kirsty has said, but I confess to being confused on this one. I know that abstract is very popular these days, and maybe I am using the wrong word, and also my style is a lot more simple, whether that be a good thing or a bad thing.

It does seem to have a hopeless,almost weary tone to it though.


Felicity F at 13:51 on 16 September 2009  Report this post
Ps. I meant to say in that last,that I see what Fabienne has said ( as regards meaniing)...

purpletandem at 22:52 on 20 September 2009  Report this post
This is a difficult poem but I rather like it even though I don't really understand what it is about. I find the 'music' of the poem very pleasing and I find the subject matter mysterious and intriguing, although I do sense (maybe wrongly) that there is quite a dark side to it.

I would say that, whilst poems that hide their meaning are entirely legitimate for a writer to write, as a reader there is only so far one can go with them. It is a question of degree. Many poems of course hide something, and part of the pleasure of a poem can be teasing out some of the mystery. But many readers will want something tangible to start off with.


Arian at 18:24 on 06 October 2009  Report this post
I liked itís sense of haplessness, Warner Ė the narrator being somehow out of control of his own destiny (arenít we all.) And some great sonic highlights, especially:

But buried goes prose like coke-dick nose goes,
I suppose.
Almost Thomasesque!

On another level, though, I found Ė like others Ė that I couldn't quite connect with the poetís message. But perhaps there isnít one Ė maybe itís intended for the ear only, rather than the mind. And thereís nothing wrong with that!


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