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Breaking News

by keithhodges 

Posted: 13 July 2009
Word Count: 294
Summary: A little story about what could make the news.

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“We now go live to David who should be ready to talk somewhere outside London, David...”

The camera split in two, with the newsroom on the left and David on the right, somewhere outside London.

“Hi Steve, yes I’m here somewhere outside London, and instead of the story you're covering I’ve got some breaking news for you.” David’s eyes looked eager, yet angry, he was about to let something hit the world, with a force.

The director and his right hand man sat watching the monitor, of David, who was somewhere outside London.

“What do you think it is, he didn’t clear this with us?” The director’s right hand man, clinging to the desk in front of him, cradling it like a baby.

“I don’t know let’s run with it, this could be an exclusive for all we know, straight from somewhere outside London.” The director answered back, knowing full well this could be gold.

“Right, let me begin.” David stared down the split screen, trying to intimidate all the viewers at home.

“My wife has just informed me that the gardener is not just the gardener, that he doesn’t just cut the bushes that the reason he’s always inside the house when I arrive home and that the garden is hardly ever touched, is because in fact he is not a gardener at all.”

“Shall we cut?” The assistant almost begging his boss.

“No, keep rolling. Be ready though, on my say so,”

“But this isn’t news!” The assistant’s logical voice was being ignored.

Somewhere outside London David was still breaking news.

“It turns out viewers, it turns out that Simon the gardener is actually Simon the escort and my wife is absolute fu-”

“CUT!” The director pulled David’s screen.

“Now it’s news."

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Comments by other Members

tusker at 16:29 on 13 July 2009  Report this post
Hi Keith,

A visual flash. I can almost see them in the studio. Feels like one of those stories from that TV programme, Drop The Dead Donkey.

Poor David.

I realise that this isn't a flash for this week's challenge. Why don't you take a look and give it a go.


mel.c at 16:36 on 13 July 2009  Report this post
My, my, my. I shouldn't sound so surprise. well done mate. Need to make couple of houndred of them to publish Keith's own flash-fiction book. xx

Forbes at 00:32 on 14 July 2009  Report this post
Hi Keith

Not sure I get the point of the end.

Improper use of "your":

...instead of the story your covering I’ve ...

amusing little vignette, needs a bit more to get it to a flash.



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