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Wrinkly and tired

by Bobo 

Posted: 07 November 2003
Word Count: 61

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Face facts:
I'm old.
Youthful parlez
is wasted on me -
my ears do not hear
the same sounds
any more.
The eyes,
struggle to see.

Who stole the
youth juice
from out of my veins?
My engine putt-putt's
in its wake.
How come I'm at a standstill
aged just thirty-two?!


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Comments by other Members

Fearless at 16:00 on 07 November 2003  Report this post

You're growing old, but not doing enough fun stuff to ignore the signs perhaps.

At least my blow up doll scrubs up well with some Mr. Sheen and a puncture repair kit.


Bobo at 16:11 on 07 November 2003  Report this post
Me do be forgetting 'bout fun... though the toys in my bedside cabinet see me thru the long winter nights...

Fearless at 16:14 on 07 November 2003  Report this post
Fun and satisfaction are not the same, are they?


roovacrag at 16:27 on 07 November 2003  Report this post
Wish i was as old as you bobo...but then i would have to go out to work to earn my keep....nah stay as i am,get all the freebies with age.

Ticonderoga at 01:48 on 09 November 2003  Report this post

Listen up, chillun!
You are YOUNG!! Thirty-ish is a phantastic time. Eat, drink, laugh, dance, screw and be merry. You have everything - sufficient wisdom to appear wise to the appealingly younger, sufficient youth to appeal to them; you are at the sexual-intellectual-emotional-spiritual meridian: relish and indulge! I still feel seventeen, but increasingly have a face like a wrung-out dish-cloth. You lovely, lucky people are nowhere near that stage; save the angst for later. Take it from one who knows, because he blew it.

Love & Mercy & Understanding,

Ol' Mike


Bobo at 00:11 on 10 November 2003  Report this post
Ol' Mike - sorry...didn't mean it to turn out as a kick-in-the-teeth for all those older than me...I feel suitably humbled!

Rave on Mikey...

BoBo xx


Ticonderoga at 20:39 on 16 November 2003  Report this post

I'm not THAT old! But we all get the blues......also, you can feel 'old' at any age. Rave, rant, rage, be righteous and write, write, write, with all of your might!

L & M,

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