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by ricdan 

Posted: 15 May 2009
Word Count: 441
Summary: For all to experience what a bereaved parent live is like after a traumatic event

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If You are One I sincerely Hope
This book Will be of Help

Remember You are Not Alone

If you are Not One Truly Hope
You never Become One

Try and Understand us

Bereaved Parent
Bereaved Parents



Life has its ups and downs. When is the turn of the ups? We all think of life as being good to us and often we expect it to stay that way. When it is the turn of the down, we start to wonder if someone does not like us, the moaning comes out and the criticism of who is at fault.

There can be no more worse downs that when on a November night at eleven in the evening, suddenly, the doorbell goes. Something very rare, if ever at this time of night.

As normal for a winter evening, the three of us are sitting in the lounge relaxing after a day’s work.

A tasty meal just consumed, as usual cooked by Tessa my wife, who also complains that I never take my turn. Possibly a traditional male way of thinking.

The weather for being the end of the month has been the normal on and off bleak gray days but with no sign of winter frost or ice on the roads, good for driving purposes, especially as our son Ricc who is twenty, has found love and is frequently driving to and from his girlfriend’s home.

There we are, television audience, when the doorbell goes. “You get it, no you get it, and well I shall get it”. On opening the door, what hits me?. Being faced by two uniformed police officers. “May we come in?” are the first and only words spoken.

I am silent for, well ages. Possibly only seconds.

I ask “Something wrong officers?”. “May we come in please?” was the reply.

Hell, the body reacted before the mind did; reacting with body shakes after their second request to come in.

“Come in” I said, walked automatically to the kitchen which was straight ahead.

Standing facing each other by now must have been visibly obvious that I was trembling.Fear had arrived and struck me, by them. “Are you alone?” they asked. “No my wife and daughter are in the lounge”.

“Can you please call your wife?”.

“Tessa can you come?”.

She comes, as she had not realised I had brought two uniformed officers in, a shocked

Expression, comes to her face upon seeing them, to put it mild.

The officers’ first words are “We are afraid, we have very bad news”.

Nothing, but nothing, could have prepared us, for what is about to happen.

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