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by JerryC 

Posted: 03 April 2009
Word Count: 501
Summary: Short spooky piece - dead or alive ? Heaven or hell ?

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“Hello, my name’s Emma…how do you do?”
“Please, what’s your name?”
“I can’t see you, where are you? Do you know my Mummy?”
“Mrs Hamilton, 47 Parkway Close. I go to Mrs Coleman’s class, I’m in 2a.”
“No I’m only eight, do you know my Mummy?”
“Coming home.”
“Last night…I think it was last night. Mummy was driving.”
“I don’t know ! Why can’t I see you, I want to see Mummy!”
“It’s dark. No nobody…I’m not sure. Sometimes I think I hear something coming. Then I hide.”
“Funny, like piggies. We do Old McDonald’s Farm in school…but I don’t think they’re nice piggies.”
“We were in the car coming back from school and it was dark and then this bad car came up behind us and put his lights on and scared us.”
“Scottie was scared and he jumped to Mummy. I couldn’t hold him cos he’s very strong and naughty.”
“I tried.”
“Mummy jumped when Scottie got in the front. Scotties not allowed in the front. Only Mummy….or a Daddy.”
“Freddy Mercury…when I’m big I’m going to marry him.”
“No. Silly.”
“No. I don’t remember, not long…I think. Sometimes…I can’t remember. I want to see my Mummy, you promised where’s my Mummy!”
“Emma Hamilton, 47 Parkway Close. You promised. Please I want to see Mummy.”
“I don’t know…I’m cold and I want to see Scottie as well.”
“I’ve got to go, I’ve got to go. The piggies are coming. I’ve got to go.”
“Very well thank you. How are you?”
“No, I had to hide. The piggies were here. They were bad piggies and they smell and they’ve gone to the toilet here.”
“Still dark.”
“I can’t remember. Did you call my Mummy?”
“Oh.…did you leave a message?”
“Thank you. If I stay here Mummy should find me.”
“No, no-one else.”
“No, it’s like a window.”
“It’s all dirty but I can see out a little. That’s why I come here. Everywhere else is dark.”
“Expect so.”
“No I can’t reach. I’m only little.”
“No nothing.”
“Do you know where I am? How will Mummy know? Will you tell her?”
“But I’m only a baby.”
“I’m not really eight..I’m only seven and three quarters.”
“No I’m not!”
“I don’t know.”
“But I don’t see angels, or Jesus, or anything.”
“I can’t.”
“What about Mummy?”
“Sometimes Mummy took me.”
“Miss Peterson. She takes us for assembly and we sing.”
“Can’t remember.”
“I know that one.”
“That’s nice.”
“You have to stand very still and hold hands and look down.”
“No, it’s still dark.”
“I am standing still.”
“No and I’m cold.”
“Maybe, maybe a little bit.”
“Through the window.”
“It’s like a light. Is it Mummy?”
“Near the window…it’s a door. Is Mummy there?”
“It’s open.”
“I’m scared. The piggies are coming back…they’ve seen me in the light. They’re coming over.”
“Bad piggies.”
“No don’t. Stop it. Mummy!”
“Mummy! I want Mummy!”
“Fooled you. Yummy yummy Mummy.”

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