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Call my Name

by dulceamor 

Posted: 19 February 2009
Word Count: 177

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call my name...
beyond the clouds where i lay,

say my name in a prayer when the night's darkness eats your prey,
fear not the veil upon the sky...
you will wear it someday.

fear not the shadows which fill your room each night;
i summon them for you.
they will follow every tears you shed,becoming liquid in your veins,
and they will trace every laughter in your face,
like a pencil with no lead.

as they move around in circles while you sleep,
they will gather all your visions in your dreams.
you don't have to decipher nor write it all in your diary,
for they tattooed it all in your heart , darling..
so when you wake up the next morning, your heart will indeed bleed my dear.

let it flow into my sea,
meld with me,
tame the tempest, drink of me, turn the blues into red.

now,reach for the veil,
as an endowment of eternity is awaiting.

when your bleeding heart wears the veil,
all the shadows will disappear, trust me my Darling.

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