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The Decline of the CoE

by Mickey 

Posted: 12 February 2009
Word Count: 129

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Iím not very High Church
Iím not very Low
Iím not really any kind
I very seldom go

I donít like the Modern Church
where people wave their hands.
I like my hymns traditional
with words I understand.

I donít like the ĎBorn-Againís
I find them quite a pain
sitting with their palms upturned
as if expecting rain.

I donít like folk who use the sign
of a fish on their car bumpers.
I donít like trendy vicars
with guitars and baggy jumpers

If I go to church at all
I want to feel in awe
I want to know the nave I see
is what my granddad saw

I donít want pews re-sited
to be trendy Ďin-the-roundí
I want to know Iím facing east
on ancient, holy ground.

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Comments by other Members

FelixBenson at 11:21 on 13 February 2009  Report this post
A funny hymn to the traditional... I wasn't with you at first...until this stanza, which gave the poem its heart...

If I go to church at all
I want to feel in awe
I want to know the nave I see
is what my granddad saw

James Graham at 19:17 on 14 February 2009  Report this post
I fixed on the same lines as Kirsty - that's the heart of the poem. Other verses do fire some well-aimed darts, especially at the Born-Agains - all in your characteristically smooth rhyming verse.

I wonder if your poem is a lighter version of Larkin's 'Church Going' where he says that even if churches fall completely into disuse, people will still visit them, because

...someone will forever be surprising
A hunger in himself to be more serious,
And gravitating with it to this ground,
Which, he once heard, was proper to grow wise in...

I think I detect a similar 'hunger...to be more serious' in your poem.


Elsie at 20:40 on 17 February 2009  Report this post
Mickey - James is right - as ever. Your humourous rhyming poems are really good and clever, always, - you do stuff many people can't. But I yearn to see the 'other' kind. I think it's there, trying to get out. (Not that there's anything wrong with the light kind - look at Wendy Cope.)

I wonder why facing East - do churches? I know often they line up across the country. Or is it the opposite to Mecca?


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