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by oskar 

Posted: 23 January 2009
Word Count: 134

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The Prophecy

The horses that drink water in the shallow river
on the grassland look up spooked by a low flying
plane its enormous wingspan is a shadow of ill
omen, frightened the horses gallop till they are
are tired then begin grazing again.

The far mountain is Canadian blue and hazy, like
there should be a forest fire or another war on its
other side. A lotus swarm of helicopter gunships
appear, cross the flatland and jolt the horses into
gallop again; and the sky darkens.

Then on the far mountain appears a new sun, it
shines bright for a while then dies like a comet,
a storm blows the grass withers and when silence
comes the river is empty, the horses are dead;
and the mountain top is a cold diamond.


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Comments by other Members

Alan Summers at 16:09 on 23 January 2009  Report this post
What a fantastic line: A lotus swarm of helicopter gunships

Beanie Baby at 08:56 on 29 January 2009  Report this post
This is powerful stuff, Oskar, very moving, very atmospheric and full of motion and images. How long hasve you been writing poetry for? You seem to have a great gift for it, almost spiritual and I wish you lots of syccess.

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