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Some Words

by John G.Hall 

Posted: 02 November 2003
Word Count: 157
Summary: A Writers World....

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Content Warning
This piece and/or subsequent comments may contain strong language.

Some Words

Some words are placed for audience
the gravestone , the eviction notice.
The competition winning anthology
of prescription , recipe and warning.

Some words are placed for effect
the 'fuck you' tattoo, the Oxfam badge.
The affirmation of self-deluded nihilism
of manifesto, ego and sex less sex.

Some words are placed for safe-keeping
the priests forgiveness, the cops note-book.
The forgotten slip of the souls tongue
of loose lips , oaths and public prisons.

Some words are placed for pain
the gun manual, the lovers guide.
The powerful squeeze of male fingers
of triggers , truth's and nervous kisses.

Some words are placed for minding
the boy abused, the woman raped
The unfurling terror of king & queen
of chains , soft whispers and hard fists.

Some words are placed in secret
the damp earth , the poets grave.
The poet's poem the ground disturbed
by letters, paper and the shovel of words .


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