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cloud nine

by oskar 

Posted: 14 December 2008
Word Count: 154

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Cloud Nine

I see peoples faces on TV filled with rapture when
hearing rousing political or religious speeches, feel
a certain sense of envy. As an observer, ecstasy is
a mystery to me. I dont care for its second face
though, the insistence of being right and willing to
commit act of violence in the name of an abstraction.
Its been said: it is better to believe in something
than in nothing. The more I think of that sentence
the less sense it makes. Ok, I believe in equality and
justice, there is little of it, but Im, no not so sure of
western type fairness anymore, as it is mostly given
those with money. Id love to like to be able to jump
up and down- no, not in a bed, but in a towns square,
amongst the people and hear a moving, soon to be
USAs president, Hussein Obama kind of discourse.

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