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my web page

by oskar 

Posted: 01 December 2008
Word Count: 178

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My web Page

Iím telling you this because the experts
say I can have my own page, so at last
I can tell you that my father was a swine.

My words of complaint came too late,
driving on the dirt roads of Idaho with
my drunken dad is not a story to tell.

There are so many stories on the net
of children abused that reading them
all causes compassion fatigue.

I kissed her deeply, her delight shone on
my face. She kissed me too, said I was
her lover but left me for her husband

I have exposed, myself to a world
indifferent to my woes, but would
eagerly drink my tale were I famous

Safe in obscurity you can scour every
web page in the world, the answer
is: ď we donít know that name.Ē

My fatherís son could do no wrong;
heís got diabetes, the sanctimonious,
old crock, yet he is loved by women.

Iím, an advocate of innocent reality,
my client is not guilty, come spring
weíre going on a holiday to Greece.

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