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The Life and Times of a Bulgarian Playboy - Part 1

by ThomasPGethin 

Posted: 09 October 2008
Word Count: 506

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This piece and/or subsequent comments may contain strong language.

Dimitar Berbatov was the kind of man who could make a lady wet from 40 paces. He was the kind of man who would shoot up using his own mothers breast milk, never settling for anything less. He was the type of man who could instantly grow a moustache just by thinking about it. In short, he was a devil of a man.

One day Dimitar and his friend Danny Murphy made a bet with each other. Dimitar was to turn up at his local Salsa class, dance a little, before penetrating the instructor, all within the first half hour. Danny Murphy was a cock-sure fellow; this was reflected by the rather extravagant bet of 50 placed against his friend. Danny Murphy was so sure that he would win the bet, he cheekily suggested that should Dimitar complete the task then he would be allowed complete access, for one night only, to his wife, the actress Joanna Taylor (her off of that Hollyoaks, you know, tits and that). Dimitar didn't need the money, and he certainly didn't care to spend a night gratifying Danny Murphy's wife, although he did think that she had "great fucking jugs". It was these very breasts that convinced Dimitar to accept the challenge ahead of him. He was confident, he had after all, performed such feats whilst growing up in his home town of Blagoevginrad. Dimitar made sure not to let Danny Murphy know of his past conquests with the ladies. In fact, nobody knew that Dimitar held the secrets to pleasuring a woman. It was a skill that Dimitar hid with impressive ease. It was the one skill from Dimitars surfeit of skills that would eventually lead to his downfall. Dimitar knew that he couldn't lose the bet. As agreed, he entered the Salsa class, danced a little, before the inevitable penetration of the instructor took place. He didn't even need to remove her leggings, hell, he didn't even need her permission! He could have used force and she wouldn't have reported him. There was no need for Dimitar to use force this time however, this one was easy, she was easy. As Dimitar removed his manhood from the instructors fanny, she begged him to stay, she wanted him again. Dimitar politely rejected her 'offer', he wasn't one to indulge, besides, it was only a few minutes since he had finished the last go,

"I'm not a machine" he said firmly.

Dimitar zipped up his flies and removed himself from the room, gladly accepting the 50 Danny Murphy was gripping tightly in his left hand.

"I'll pick Joanna up at 8, tell her to shave her minge", summoned Dimitar.

With that, Danny Murphy sank to his knees, as the stark realisation of what he had done hit him. A lonely little tear could be seen running from each eye. He was scared, he knew that Dimitar was a powerful lover. Danny Murphy was about to be relegated to the subs bench, but he was going to fight for his place...

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