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by poemsgalore 

Posted: 26 October 2003
Word Count: 93
Summary: It's surprising how looking in the food cupboard can inspire a piece of work. A fun poem (I hope).

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Eeeny meeny macaracca,
Malted Milk or cheesy cracker?
Its Garibaldis for Uncle Roger,
but Aunty Sue likes Jammy Dodgers.
Granddad's in his garden hut,
nibbling on a Ginger Nut,
while Gran prefers a nice Rich Tea
she sometimes shares a pack with me.
Jaffa cakes are Jane's delight,
she even eats them in the night!
Chocolate Chips, just try a taste
not one crumb will go to waste.
Wagon Wheels, Toffee Pops,
Cousin Joe thinks they're the tops.
For me, before I go to bed,
some Ovaltine and sweet Shortbread -

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Comments by other Members

roovacrag at 16:15 on 26 October 2003  Report this post
i liked this one, made me laugh. Thanx.

spud at 16:36 on 26 October 2003  Report this post
I think that this is a really great 'fun' poem. It has - for me at least - the hallmarks of a catchy children's rhyme / nursery rhyme, and I could easily see it being illustrated. Have you ever heard of a childrens' rhyme called 'Pass the jam Jim'? This has (again for me) a very similar feel to it, which is a v.good thing.

Thanks for making me smile (and feel peckish)

cheers (about to raid the biscuit tin)

poemsgalore at 16:40 on 26 October 2003  Report this post
Haven't read that one Spud, who's it by? sounds good.

spud at 17:13 on 26 October 2003  Report this post
It's by Kaye Umansky and illustrator Maragret Chamberlain. My son has a 'mini treasures' copy of it published by Red Fox. It's is about a family trying to prepare for and run a children's party - the illustrations really do help,and you have to appreciate that Jim must be about two years old, but here is a flavour of the poem...

'Hurry Mabel, lay that table!
Jane, put Wayne back in his pram!
Where's the bread Fred?
Bread I said, Fred.
Pass the jam, Jim,
Jam, Jim, jam.'

...and then it progresses to the last verse, with insistant requests for Jim to pass the jam...

'Boil the kettle, Gretel.
Bring the butter, Betty.
Charles wants chips and so does Pam.
Thanks a lot, Jim...
Oh! You've NOT, Jim!

Hope this tickles you as much as it does me.


James Graham at 16:01 on 27 October 2003  Report this post
A delightful piece of light verse. 'Eeny meeny macaracca' - I never heard that before, just 'eeny meeny miney mo'. Is it an actual variation, or did you invent it? Some tiny, finicky criticisms - there seems to be a slight hiccup in the rhythm in lines three and four. Maybe another kind of biscuit instead of Garibaldi? It would skip along a little better as Dum-de-dum for Uncle Roger, and then no 'but' - 'Aunty Sue likes Jammy Dodgers'. And I think commas after 'Rich Tea' and 'taste' would be fine - they would be 'comma splices', not strictly Queen's English grammar, but who cares? And 'Wagon Wheels and Toffee Pops. Finally why not miss a line before the final 'Crumbs' and give it a capital letter? Great stuff - reminds me of my grandchildren. In their kitchen there's a very large, ugly china pig full of biscuits, and they 'steal' from it whenever they can.


poemsgalore at 18:21 on 27 October 2003  Report this post
Thanks Spud, must look for that - it sounds like great fun.

Thanks also James, your suggestions are good and when I've time (where does it all go?) I must get round to altering it - now what biscuits can I have instead of Garibaldis? mmm.

olebut at 07:42 on 28 October 2003  Report this post

take care


poemsgalore at 18:23 on 28 October 2003  Report this post
By the way, Eeny meeny macaracca comes from a children's rhyme:

Eeny meeny macaracca
rare I dominacca
chippa pacca
rom pom push
and o u t spells out.

Daft isn't it.

peterxbrown at 22:47 on 29 October 2003  Report this post
Very funny.
This poem really takes the biscuit!
One criticism though, far more important than the number of syllables in a garibaldi (are they posh fly biscuits?)- You failed to mention Hobnobs!!! This is inexcusable. Crumbs! love peterbxx

James Graham at 11:01 on 02 November 2003  Report this post
No, never heard that children's rhyme before. Delightfully daft.


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