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Passing Dreams

by hailfabio 

Posted: 23 September 2008
Word Count: 79

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The day was so calm
to me, I trundled through
the buzzing excitement of
people flinging together in
thousands. The magnificent coliseum of a stadium
that will now be lain dormant, was mine
for a few imprinted moments, walls of noises
swilled around the birds nest and
ran through me, echoing with the course of my dreams.
As the nest was flown, I spied the Union Jack
lightly flowing from the intimidating roof.
I cried a little, then left.

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Comments by other Members

James Graham at 19:15 on 25 September 2008  Report this post
Hi Stephen - Were you in Beijing? I had imagined you would be there. Or is it what the title suggests, a dream? the poem is a little bit of a tease on that - it's hard to tell if you're really in the 'Bird's Nest' or imagining yourself there. Whichever it is, the poem certainly captures the emotion.


joanie at 19:38 on 25 September 2008  Report this post
Hi Stephen. I have to confess that I read this a while ago and had exactly the same thoughts as James and didn't want to comment until I felt sure. I certainly agree that it captures the moment. My reaction was 'Oh, that's wonderful - he was there!' but then I wondered if, indeed, it was a dream.

Either way, I did enjoy the read and the emotions.

Please let us know what happened!


hailfabio at 00:06 on 26 September 2008  Report this post
I was there - won silver! Fantastic experience, sadly it has passed.


joanie at 19:40 on 28 September 2008  Report this post
Wonderful! What an enormous privilege.


Tina at 07:59 on 02 October 2008  Report this post
Oh Steven congratulations on your silver medal - I watched so much of the para olympics - absolutely stunning achievements - I like the last lines of this poem - thanks for posting

FelixBenson at 10:39 on 03 October 2008  Report this post
Wow. Congrats on the medal! I can't imagine the feeling of excitement there must have been there. But these lines were very vivid:

a stadium
that will now be lain dormant, was mine
for a few imprinted moments, walls of noises
swilled around the birds nest

Best, Kirsty

ellynelly at 20:32 on 04 October 2008  Report this post
Congratulations, Stephen.

I enjoyed this poem, which commemorates an important event. You paint a fine picture of how it felt for you.

I especially like "walls of noises".


DJC at 10:38 on 05 October 2008  Report this post
Congratulations! Great poem and a great moment to savour.

hailfabio at 13:41 on 06 October 2008  Report this post
Thanks very much for the kind comments - was a good experience as always. I'll get gold in London.`

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