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by poemsgalore 

Posted: 13 April 2003
Word Count: 128

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Rhiannon travelled all day long
through the wooded vale
and out across the Heathered moor
with skin so pale.
Her coal black eyes stared straight ahead,
she never looked at me
as she rode along the winding path
that led down to the sea.
I saw her lips move constantly
as though in silent prayer
until she reached the water's edge
and vanished there.
She left no footprints in the sand,
as though the surging tide
had swept them all away
when the sea breeze sighed.
Thoughout the night I searched in vain
along the lonely shore
but never found a single sign
so looked no more.
But if ghosts really do exist
and spirits roam the earth so free;
then at some future point in time
when one such spirit will be me,
I'll stand upon this tranquil shore
and gaze across the land
until Rhiannon rides once more
along the drifting sand.


Kathleen Thorpe

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Comments by other Members

Rai15 at 19:50 on 18 April 2003  Report this post
This is a very powerful piece, I love it. It is intruiging as well as emotional, I especially like the point put across that we're not here forever. And I very much enjoyed this piece.

poemsgalore at 12:18 on 19 April 2003  Report this post
Thank you Rai, another poem inspired by The Lady Of Shallott, it was also influenced by my love of Celtic mythology.

olebut at 18:13 on 18 May 2003  Report this post
it is strange what prompts one to read a poem or a book, I was enticed to read this because the name Rhiannon keeps for some reason cropping up in my life, well over the past 2 years or so. The poem is also reminiscent of the theme of a converstaion I had before christmas and evokes memories of that time.

I am glad she enticed me in, i enjoyed the piece a great deal

Like all good poetry this has a simplicty about it which makes it easy to read. It gives images of beauty, mystery and gentleness.

thank you for sharing it

take care

becs at 18:24 on 18 May 2003  Report this post
OK, I can tell that this is going to become an annoying habit of mine, but Rhiannon reminds me of "La belle dame sans merci" (Keats), but maybe slightly less of a femme fatale!

poemsgalore at 18:44 on 19 May 2003  Report this post
you've just hit on another of my favourite poems Becs, easy to see where my infuences come from isn't it :-)

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