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Oh dear

by Anj 

Posted: 17 July 2008
Word Count: 213
Summary: I just wanted to post a little bit of nothing in particular (The Novel still being formulated) to say hi again

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This piece and/or subsequent comments may contain strong language.

Diana sat and thought, and this is what she was thinking –

Okay, here’s how it is. I can continue being miserable, or I can decide to be happy. Can you decide to be happy? Could it really be that simple?

After much thinking, she decided yes, it probably was. So she took a decision to be happy. Next, she had to decide how to be happy. After a great deal more thinking, she decided in order to be truly happy there had to be a complete absence of fear.

But in a scary world, how was that to be achieved?

First of all, she decided, she had to list her fears in order that she could tackle them, and they were -

Fear of not being successful enough

Fear of being poor

Fear of being a bad person

Fear of being disliked

Fear of not being a good enough mother

Fear of getting fat/old/lined

Fear of being rejected

Fear of rejecting

Fear of cancer/car crash/mad axeman

Fear of the dark and being left alone in it

Fear of dying

Fear of something bad happening to the ones she loved

Fear of making mistakes

Fear she’d already made mistakes

Fear of being alone.

Oh dear, she thought to herself, I really am fucked.

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Comments by other Members

Elbowsnitch at 17:20 on 17 July 2008  Report this post
I think you can decide to be happy. A complete absence of fear is probably too much to hope for - but still, don' t focus on the fears! I' d like to read a story about Diana really going with the decision to be happy - rather than sabotaging herself.


Anj at 17:23 on 17 July 2008  Report this post

Thanks for that. I' d like to read that too ... so I decided to write the novel!


tiger_bright at 17:26 on 17 July 2008  Report this post
Definitely she can decide to be happy. Like every other decision, it needs work and you really conveyed that complex understanding here. Great work!

V`yonne at 21:09 on 17 July 2008  Report this post
I' m afraid I can tick a lot of these )

Hi Anj,


crowspark at 23:15 on 17 July 2008  Report this post
Hi Andrea
For some reason the title and the name Diana made me think of Alice in Wonderland. For me that was a book full of fear. Alice of course was extremely brave confronted by the insane and dangerous world of adults.
I think perhaps we develop the habit of fear as children. I remember as a child rehearsing sleeping rough like the tramp I was convinced I would become! (I did live in a cave for a short while but I was never a tramp)
This has a kind of Alice feel to it. I liked the use of a list and love that ending.


Anj at 23:19 on 17 July 2008  Report this post
Hi all and thanks for reading. It' s not really a piece of writing, just the thought that sparked my novel ... but I' m glad it' s a subject that raises your interest.

Bill, yes, I' d never thought that way about Alice in Wonderland, but you' re absolutely right. It' s terrifying!


Dee at 15:36 on 18 July 2008  Report this post
A cave, Bill? I thought it was a garden shed ;

Andrea, this has great potential. Keep going with it!


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