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I am writing

by Rainstop 

Posted: 28 May 2008
Word Count: 117

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I am writing

It may not look that way to you
but thatís the way it is.
I may not hold a fountain pen
or tap black plastic keys
the words that I am writing
are hard for you to see.
The murky ink invisible
I store it in my skull;
it mixes words and visions like
our bread pan kneads the dough.
It may just look to you as if
Iím staring at the wall
trying with my eyes to feel
the thickness of the paint
or penetrate the colour
is it is purple, mauve or pink?
But I am surely writing
even if you say I ainít.
I am busy writing
whatever you may think.

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Comments by other Members

Katerina at 15:35 on 28 May 2008  Report this post
This is brilliant! I should show it to my husband as he is always saying I am off in a world of my own again. Yes I am, thinking up new plots and stuff, but he then spoils my train of thought by shaking me or something - very tiresome.

I really thought this was very good. I especially like -

the words that I am writing
are hard for you to see.
The murky ink invisible
I store it in my skull;

and the ending - I am busy writing
whatever you may think.

is just great.

Well done - wish I'd written this! :0

Kat x

Rainstop at 15:42 on 28 May 2008  Report this post
Bless you, Kat.

Beanie Baby at 08:11 on 29 May 2008  Report this post
This is so inspiring - and so true. Sometimes, when I 'go off', my husband has to explain that I am in Yucketypoo land or poetry land - or whatever land my writing takes me to. The physical act of writing is not the only part of the cration process and I love the way you have expressed this in this poem.


Sorry - that should of course read 'creation process'!

Rainstop at 09:49 on 29 May 2008  Report this post
Wow, thanks Beanie.

joanie at 17:56 on 29 May 2008  Report this post
Very true and heartfelt! I particularly liked the staring at the wall bit! We all know that the actual physical writing-it-down is the easy bit!



smudger at 10:14 on 02 June 2008  Report this post
You've nailed it perfectly, Rod. I will remember this when I'm next accused of lazing around daydreaming.

Rainstop at 12:51 on 02 June 2008  Report this post
Thanks joanie and Tony (hey, I'm a poet!)

It's funny, isn't it. My take on this was one of ironic self deception, with that being countered by the mere existence of the poem. But everyone above has seen it the other way round, as a writer speaking to someone else who doesn't understand the process. That's fine with me. It just shows how you never have the foggiest idea how anyone else will read it. For me the "you" that is addressed was the poet himself. Blarr, blarr, blarr and blarr.

Thanks for your positive comments, Rod.

VickyH at 22:12 on 04 June 2008  Report this post
Love the kneading dough image and the idea of feeling the thickness of paint-fantastic!


Cornelia at 15:24 on 19 June 2008  Report this post
This was great. It mad eme thik of Jack Nicholson in The Shining when he was kidding his wife (and himself) that he was writing when all the time he ws going quietly bonkers.

One thing - this bread pan puzzled me. Is it one of those machines a friend is always advising me to get, that mixes the ingredients before cooking them? Not sure that I' d call it a pan.


Cornelia at 18:57 on 19 June 2008  Report this post
Sorry about that. It' s my husband who is fussy about his bread, so there' s often a trek round specialist shops to get the right sort. I resist the bread pan because I know who' d end up having to shop for ingredients and add the mix and set it off, apart from the expense. It' s a good metaphor, though - or should I say a modern twist. Excellent.


Rainstop at 19:35 on 19 June 2008  Report this post
As well as the bread machine, you need to get yourself a husband like me, to operate it.

Thanks for the comments. Rod.

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