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A Copulated Fantasy

by Sam Mills 

Posted: 03 May 2008
Word Count: 164

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I am a living experiment of Derangement,
dwelling inside of these black words. I feast
on the darkened skies, and abort the
fetus of incestial youth. Infuse the Vernacular of
the living sea; and begin the Vermillion execution,
the purging of all conscious thought.
I ride on the beliefs of lost streams of thought,
trickling down a wet windowpane; I am clinging to
the blades of Azure, surrounding the clouds
on the Moon. I am rising from the sea, and I am
falling from the sky. I am a pleasing meadow of
Red, Yellow and Green. I am a malignant melancholy,
Rage-infested and Psychotic; depressed and Angry. But i never killed a man with an elusive mind; Once we are spotted we are already dead. I am the children gone mad, and dancing with Death. I am the balding man with the
Sun in his eyes, laying forever in a grave
of Stars. I am the addict under the sign, the Orifice
speaking waves.

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