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A play: After the sea we will sea

by ras babi 

Posted: 25 March 2008
Word Count: 2522
Summary: A group of people who through themselves in the water, after hearing a voice telling them to do so, found themselves in heaven...

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Scene (1)
A voice is trying to tell us:in a song
The year is still 2050
Nothing change
Things got worse

From the far depth his voice taking drastic decision:

Things will change, this will be the last, after this we suffer no more, no more pain, this flood is for a reason, the water will clean what must be cleaned, we will be balanced, our troubles will be solved, there will be no more wars, very soon the door will open and the guards will welcome us.

We lost the battle; the years of fighting and resistance have weakened our flesh and souls. Our women, our children and the ancient ones, we lost a lot of them, the land is burning with its contains, nothing is left for us, except the anger and a great desire for revenge, our God does not allow us to destroy, and we can not fight any more, The God is not going to come down here to solve our things, The God armed us with brains, we have no reason to stay here, soon the water will cover every thing, we have to move quickly, if the mountain does not want to come to us we still have the fire we can move to it. Throw yourselves in the water, the GOD will receive us the other side, if you reached before me, tell him, I will not be late...

A voice:

A long silence…
we can hear them but we can not see them

the first one:

May be he does not want to wake up again, may be he is dreaming.

The second one:

May be he is not here any more, we lost him.

The third:

May be somewhere, he left his body behind.

The fourth:

May be better, you wake him up, I can not, and you may succeed.

Scene (2)
a voice again:

For many hours, these sentences moved from one mouth to the other, the four of them do not know what to do; they are standing in front of the door, trying to get in.

His voice again:

Does the door need a key?
The soul of their friend is not any more like theirs; it refuses to enter the heaven and it can not go back to the hell, his soul is in a limbo place.


We are confused, we do not know what to do, and we do not know if we are alive or dead.


What do you mean? I do not understand, the language we speak is deferent to our, every thing is deferent here.


Let us talk to them; we can talk to the guards


You mean we can use the number and the machine to contact with them as they said.

[Sabto uses the phone]


Hello, do you hear me? We have a problem.

[Someone on the other side of the phone]


Yes, I do. How can I help you, sir?


Yes, we need your help. My name is Sabto, we have a problem, and our friend does not want to answer us.


What is wrong with him?


He locked himself in the room, we can not get in, and he does not answer our calling.


Do not worry I will send someone to help you.


Are you God?


[Laughing] oh dear, I'm not God Iam just an employee, do not worry, we will help you.

[Someone put the phone, Sabto carries on]


Hello!! Hello!! [Saying to the others:] he is not there anymore.


We will wait. The help will come.

A voice

first came the wind then the rain, the doors of the skies widely open, the homes and what the entire human built melted to the ground, the animals and the trees swept away, so many things changed shapes, the place became a lake.
And the people, what happened to them?
The first wind took half of them, half of the other half flowed the flood, some ran to no where, the rest of them held to each others..........

[He stood up and shouted]

his voice:

To the sea, to the sea
the God is calling on us, throw yourselves in the water, The God will save you.
He ran towards the sea, the rest followed him to the water.
[When you lose your mind, you free your soul]

Scene (3)
a voice again:

His dream when he was among the others was to live a love story; he said to himself: [my story will be different from the others stories, my story will be simple, without complications, except from the ones that love brings]

She is an ordinary girl, her life is easy, sometimes is boring, she live in a big flat not very far from the big city, somehow she works as a social worker and she has a big office. Her job brought to her boring life the lives of The Others [the ones who live in the shadow of the big city]. Phone calls, she makes hundred of them every day; homeless, drug users, jobseekers, depressed and many others enjoy hearing her special voice, which fall on them like a heavy and smooth drug, sometimes they come to see her and other many other times she goes looking for them, they see in her their lost hopes, and feel the kindness we all seek as living beings. She can not change their living or heal their wounds, but the energy she has can make them forget for a short time their miserable lives; she can makes them laugh.

A police man who was meditating near the sea, saw from a distant 4 or 5 naked bodied, he phoned for help immediately, in less than 7 minutes the help arrived, 6 police cars broke the silence of the place and three birds left their food and flew away, when the approximately dead bodies heard the wacky and wack of the police cars; they started to move, they stood up, they shook hands and they kissed each others, when the police man saw this, he ran towards the coming help, the police cars stopped opposite to him, they talk to him and together they walk towards the moving bodies.

They are standing face to face; they look at each other, then

one police man:

Do you speak what I speak?


Yes we do, sir.

Another police man:

Thanks to the heavens.



Finally we arrived, he is right.



My name is Manrato, who are you?

One police man:

MAN...What? How are we?
Who are you guys? aaaawhere did you come from?


my name is Sabto, we came from the sea. This one is Sunshine and this one is Nabto [pointing at his two other friends]

one police man:

our pleasure!!! And?


[very sweetly] we want you to take us to God.

[They all look at her at the same time, some laughed others looked upset then the main one said:]

The head:

listen to me, I am the head of this group, I do not know if you are speaking seriously. First we thought you were dead then we discovered you speak our language; there is something weird here, which I do not understand. I am very sure you need help, you must come with us and you need something to cover your bodies [he tells one of his team: go to the car and bring what they can use]


Are you God?

The head:

No, No, my sun I am not God I am A human being like you, you have to come with us, you need help.


we do not need help we have to meet with him, he is waiting for us.

The head:

As you want, come with us and you will see him.

[They smile, they use what the police man gave them to cover their naked bodies and they follow the head to the waiting cars.]

Scene (4)


IF you are God, we would like to talk to you in private.
Manrato said to One social worker, who gave all her attention, she looked confused, unsure of the mental state of the young man who was just brought to her office, she sat closer to him, she says:

One Social worker:

Oh, dear one, I am not God, you need to see a doctor, I will send you to a good doctor who is a friend of my Dad, he will help you.


No, NO, none of us need a doctor, we are in good health, we are just tired, the journey was not easy, we are very tired, what we need is to see Him and then rest.

One Social worker:

as you want, come with me.

[Manrato follows and the others behind him one after the other.]

Scene (5)


a voice:

She is sitting in a comfortable seat, a big table separating her from the chair where Sabto was sitting.

The Social worker:

What is your real name?


my name is Sabto, we asked the guard to bring us to God, first they did not understand us, but wait a minute, you are not him, you have hair like women and you smell like them, they lied to us, please help us beautiful creature.

The Social worker:

your name is Sabto, please listen to me, we all want to help you, we can not help you if we can not communicate, you have to help yourself first, we have to know where did you come from and what you need.


Our home land is call Africa, we all came from there?

The Social worker:

Do you know the name of your country?


We call it Africa; I do not know any other name.

The Social worker:

And how did you arrive here? Who helped you?


I do not understand this game, you know everything and you still ask us, do not you know our story? You know everything, do not you remember?

The Social worker:

Remember!! Remember what?

Sabto: One of you told us to throw our bodies in the water, we did so and now all of you pretend as nothing happened at all, you know me very well, me I do not know you, but you, you know me, you know all of us and you know our stories better than we do.

The Social worker:



I am relaxed.

The Social worker:

Do you want a glass of water?


if you do not mind I would like to have ten glasses of your holy water.

[light turned of while we hear Sabto drinking a lot of water]

scene(6) Babylon and Lucifer

through the lines she said to him:

Babylon: oh dear you have to see it yourself, the birds are weak they can not make it themselves, they do not understand the exile, their home land changed a lot and they did change also, they sing love songs in a different land, even their wailing is strange, oh dear I think you have to help them you have to save these lost souls, they are yours, go for them and come back you will have me.

He said to her through the lines:

Lucifer: oh piece from heaven, they had no option, the last and the lost Africans are lost for ever, after them Africa will never be the same, they have to open way to progress to the train, from the sea to the desert, from there to the jungle and finally there we are again in the ocean water, piece of heaven when I remember it, do you remember how good I shake ? Babylon right now I feel it, yes I do, I am shaking.

Babylon: stop it, stop it, wicked one, you are driving me crazy, hold the air in front of me, move your neck, and close your eyes, let them sleep now .

[she is sleeping, he is sleeping, we are sleeping and the light is turned off]

scene (7) The story of the village

Since she was born, the life in the village changed, first and last child, first she lost her mother then the father after that, she grow up among the people of the village, the homes became her home and the people her family. Same time, same place three others children passed through the same; Sabto, Nabto and Manrato had the same destiny as Sunshine.

The wise man told the villager: dig your graves and get ready, the beast is around at any time, our sweet and peaceful Africa is running through our fingers, we are loosing our future, Africa is dying, the cancer has found his final station between us, we are dying too, all of us will vanish very soon, very soon there will be no track for us in this lovely earth, let us give thanks for been part of this wonderful and magical creation.

[The villagers give thanks]

The wise man carries on: Except!!! The last and the lost African, they will carry all of us with them where ever they go and when they meet him they will demand what we want all, we want our home land back, we want it back, Africa, Africa and Africa, the same piece of land.

[Light turned off]

scene(8)With the sea as a view, Babylon said to Lucifer:


The first time I saw you

I knew you have something special for me

I knew, you suit me

I will be very happy with you

Every thing in you is natural

Your smile, oh my God from it

Your smile is simple

When you walk, when you talk

Very powerful

And when you turn or stand or sit

You just push me to give thanks

Oh dear when I see you

I do not feel comfort

I feel loneliness

When your eyes meet mine

When they do travel deep

Into mines

Strange things happen to my heart

It jumps from one side into the other

Whispering to me:

Babylon an other one can take the place

Of your dearest father

Lucifer free me, free me

From this dark cave

Let us, me and you go

To where our hearts shall rest

My heart wants me to stay

As long as the sea does exist.



If I break

If I break the wall

Will we be happy?


My lonely heart is beside your big heart

It is with you; promise me, I promise you

We will never leave the land

We will melt in it, with it

We will be the salt.


The emptiness

And the sea are listening

Shall I leave them?

I am getting hot


Ignore them

Flood and rain

Give me

I want to enjoy the pain


Oh dear one

When my thunder comes

I want to know where you going to run?


I knew you have something good

Hug me

Kiss me

Destroy me

{Thunder and rain, light turned off}

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