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The hope

by jacoon007 

Posted: 24 February 2008
Word Count: 4309

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The hope
He was born on 6th June. His name was Angus. Angus was looking very much handsome in his childhood. All liked him. He had an attraction with which he was attracting everyone. He was really a good person. Time was running fast. Now Angus grew up and he was physically fit. His body was developing fast and there was sudden incident happened in his life. He was not known by that incident that was going to change his entire life…
Angus attended one seminar on Yoga and he liked much. He had an inner wish to become like a superhero. Although, he was known by his ability, he decided to try that Yoga to achieve the powers. Angus was innocent boy, never known the harm behind that process and started that yoga. He started to become mute to achieve high powers. It was the beginning of troubles for him. He was going to be mute for next six month. Now, Angus was unable to say a single word at that time and he knew that it was not his mistake. He was crying in the alone place and there was none to help him. Angus did not know that it was a curse of Devil…
Angus past was like as: He was a great worrier and a saint in his past born. He was about to reach to the God. God was also happy with him and wanted to give him new birth to help people from Devil which was about to born in the next century as written in the Bible, but something different happened. Angus captured by Devil and killed by his own brother. Devil took his soul and put him in the family which was famous and rich.
Devil wanted to destroy the entire world with the help of that boy. He was now succeeding in it. Devil killed his father and that cause lied on the shoulder of Angus.
Angus frustrated and became hopeless forever. It was not his fault but all believed that he was the evil who was going to destroy the peoples. Angus was born on 6th of June and by unfortunate his father was died with the shock of his muteness. He cried, wiped out much. He lost his hope for his survival. Devil was visiting every night in his dream to explain him how they two can rule on the world. Devil gave him lots of ideas to join him but Angus was strong enough to face him. He refused to join him and that was the beginning of great troubles for him. Devil captured all peoples mind and directed them to appose Angus. People were totally under hand of Devil. They were not known what they were doing. Angus suffered a lot. It was impossible for a normal man to suffer that all, but he was no reply them for anything. He was living on one hope and that was love…
Now, his life was depended upon one hope. He was totally frustrated and about to die. He was yet unmarried. Angus was going to leave his country.
At the other side, Devil had born in the house of the President of the U.S. He was now 25 years old and he was going to kill his father. His name was Clarence. He started to cheat all and became famous personality in the short time. His greatest weapon was his speech that was affecting on whoever listen him for the first time. Clarence was now president of the U.S and was going to be the emperor of all worlds. Clarence started to attack on his neighbor countries and won many countries. The surprising matter was that he was not apposed by any one whom he was ruling on. He had a full control on his slaver countries. Clarence started to turn the trend towards the development. He named the bad thing as a development. In his time the modern era was depended on the all evil’s activities.
Here, Angus reached at U.S and started to search for his uncle who was living there. He reached there and got relaxed. His uncle was quite a good person and was very helping person. He advised him to visit the famous places there in New York. Angus accepted his proposal and prepared to go outside. He was going one side on the road at that time his eyes steered on one Girl. She was damn beautiful and was walking on that Road.
Suddenly, some Boys started to tease her. She ran from there and reached at the place where Angus was stood. She asked Angus to help her. Angus called the police but police opposed them and charge a fin on Angus. Angus understood that police was also under command of The Devil. Thus, they left that place and reached at the bus stop. Angus asked for her name. She replied Rose. Angus smiled and offered friendship. She accepted and soon they started to meet daily. They were in love.
Angus was now quite happy with his life. He believed that God had given a new birth and the hope whom he was finding was Rose…
While, some one told Clarence that Angus was living in the U.S and fell in love with one girl. Clarence decided to capture that girl because he knew that she might became the encouragement for Angus and it was quite possible if Angus was given powers by someone than he would become more powerful than him. Clarence kidnapped her and took her in one dark room where her parents were captured. She had not seen Clarence yet. Clarence entered there. He had worn the mask of Angus. Rose surprised and asked him that why he had done all that. He replied that he wanted the money from his father and thus he had played drama of love with her. He killed her father on the spot and then killed her mother too. Rose cried and hated him. He left that room and took her at the city and left her there. She went to the police station. She asked for the help and told all matter. Police arrested Angus and brought him in the jail, Where Rose was awaiting for him. She slapped him and told him that she would never want to see his face again. She left. Angus was unable to understand all that. He frustrated and started to cry. She was the last hope for him and he had lost her…
While, there was a great saint in the Philadelphia whose name was Abner. He knew everything. He told his follower that if Rose would not meet Angus again then he would die and the last hope for human kind survival would also die with him. Angus was the last hope. He had the ability to become the savior of mankind because he was adopted by Devil and had refused to serve him. Angus had the powers to appose Devil.
But that power would only be worked if Rose would give him love and that was the last hope for him.
Clarence had covered almost whole world with his power of attraction. He was ruling on the world with the power of sweet speech. It was his greatest weapon. His speech was making peoples crazy and they were rushing behind him without thinking what was wrong and what was true. Here, Angus was about to die with the shocks that he was given by his peoples and his love. He tried hard to control his emotion, but he could not make it. It was his end and the end of the world.
While Saint Abner left his church to find Rose. She was in her room at that time. She was crying too much. Abner came there and asked her about Angus. She told that she hated him much. Abner now started to explain her everything. He told her all about Angus and he added that she would save the world if she wanted it. He told her that She was a great power which source was Angus and it was necessary for them both to get together forever. She was the key to put out the unlimited source of energy from Angus. Thus, she was the medium by which Angus was going to achieve his powers. She was the last hope for the humankind. She listened to him very carefully and suddenly she stood up and started to walk. Abner Asked to her why she was leaving. She said that she had a no time for listening that lies. She added that Abner might be sent by Angus to make her realize that he loved her, but she was no more interested in any topic related to him. She left that place and reached at on quiet place where few peoples there and started to cry. While few boys came over there and started to rap on her. She was yelling for help. Police was going from there at that time. They watched all that and stopped their car at that place. They were those who had helped Rose from Angus and who had captured him for Rose. She was sure that they would surely help her. They came over there and asked boys to leave that place. Boys left that place. Then policemen started to rap on her. She asked them not to do that but their minds were in control of Devil. They were not listening to her any way. She now understood all. She was remembering all the speech that Abner had told to her. She understood that Angus was innocent. She evaded from there by using her entire force. She came to her house and got relaxed. Her grandfather asked her what was happened. She told him everything and asked him to help her and Angus. Grandfather told her not to worry and promised her that he would help her. Now, it was necessary to release Angus from that Jail. It was quite tough work but not impossible one for grandpa. He was the champion in boxing in his time. He decided to take a help of his old friend and together they all went to the police station. They had made the plan and they gone through that plan and achieved success in releasing Angus. They took him to one place where Rose was seated. They let them alone for the talk. Rose started to tell that she knew the truth and she told him that she loved him. Angus smiled and gave her a big hug. She then introduced Angus with Abner who was there. Angus asked that what was going happen then. Abner explained them that there was only one way to save the human kind from Clarence. He added that they both had to go to the mountain where the God was living. God whom Moses has found on that mountain was the unlimited energy source. Angus had to achieve that source and he was unable to do that alone and it was necessary for Rose to be there. So, they left to go there. Abner blessed them and told them that he would pray God for 24 hours to help them.
Here, Clarence had prepared to attack on whole world with nuclear weapon. His followers were also preparing for the next world war. It was going to be the biggest world war of human history and it was without any reason. Clarence had announced that he was attacking on all weak countries to destroy them and he would win upon them for his people. His sweet speech had done its work and peoples were joint in his program of destroy of all human kind without argument. It was only five hours left in starting the next world war…
Here, Angus and Rose were going up on that mountain by suffering all the pains. There were endless pains for them and still they were walking constantly. While, Clarence came to know that Angus was going on that mountain and soon he would achieve high power to destroy him. So, He sent fighter plane, army and helicopter behind them to destroy them. Angus and Rose were now one mile away from the pick of that mountain. Suddenly they heard a sound of planes and helicopters. They ran to hide them self. Soon commandos came over there and started to fire all over there. Angus ran from that place with Rose. They were about to reach on that pick.
Suddenly, Rose fell down on the earth. She was hardly injured by bullets and was about to die. Angus took her in his hand and ran towards the pick. He reached over there and put her on the floor. He looked at her. Oh!! She was died.
Angus became speechless. He was shocked. He cried and took her in his hug.
All commandos were about to fire on Angus. While there was a sudden flash on that pick and they all stepped behind. Here, Angus heard anonymous sound over there. It was coming from light. He told him that Rose was only a power for him and now she would go to absorb into him. She became absorbed in Angus and one big flash of light occurred there. All commandos and planes and all threw away due to that flash. Angus immerged from that place. He was looking like an angel with big eyes covered with tears. He became powerful like Moses. He went bottom from that mountain and walked toward the city.
Angus reached in the white house and no one had the courage to stop him entering in that room. Clarence welcomed him and asked for coffee. He replied that he was there to explain him that it was an end of his time and from now there would be the governance of God all over the world. Angus gave him caution that if he wanted to survive himself then accepts the God. He would come again on next week and then he would have to release all people from his dark iLLUSiON.
Angus left and went at the weapon room and started to destroy all weapon and nuclear weapons. It seemed that every thing was possible for him to do.
The world war was stopped By Angus for now but he did not know that big and big plans were laid in Clarence mind. After all, the world and all peoples were in the control of Clarence.

To be concluded


There was a big market over there. Many peoples were walking there. One boy came there. His name was Austin. Austin came there to buy some fruits for his mother who was ill and unable to do any work. He searched for fruit shop and finally he got that shop. Shopkeeper asked him what he would prefer. Austin told him to give some fresh fruits. Shopkeeper gave him the fruits, and suddenly he whispered in his ear that got ready for your death in six days. Austin shocked! He ran from there and started to search his mother in his house. She was not in the house. He came behind his house and asked his neighbor for his mother. He told him that Austin’s mother gone to church and soon she would return and then he added that got ready for your death in six days. Austin shocked much! He ran from that place and reached at the church. The priest was there and he was praying to God. Austin asked him for his mother. Priest replied him not to worry because his mother was safe in that church. Suddenly priest turned towards him and whispered that got ready for your death in six days. Austin again shocked! He was not able to understand all that. He got entered in the church where few peoples were sitting on the benches. He was finding his mother and finally he got her mother. She was sat on the first bench and was praying to God. Austin sat on that bench and said to his mother that he was finding her. She replied that she was now completely relief form the disease and then she decided to visit church. She told him that she had dreamed one man in her dream. He was quite looks like an angel. He told her that he would go to help her. He added that her son was in trouble. Austin prayed God and they both returned to their house. In his house few people where waiting for them. One of them was a girl and all of them had worn white garments. Austin asked them who they were and why they had visited their house. They told nothing to him and took him in their car towards one lonely place. Austin went under that house. Suddenly, someone entered there. He was tall smart and looked like an angel. Oh! He was Angus. Angus picked up Austin’s hand and sat him down to one chair. Angus told him that he had saved him from all the peoples. Austin surprised and asked him why he should afraid from his own city’s peoples. Angus replied that all worlds were in control of Clarence and he was able to do anything with the help of any people of the world who were living recklessly. He added that Austin was the true person whose soul was pure and was far away from devil’s activities. Thus, there were few peoples remained on the earth which souls were pure and those peoples were joining the company of Angus. Austin was one of them. Angus told him that Clarence was known by that fact that Austin was having the pure soul and therefore he had planned to kill him. Austin yelled that it was the reason for that people were telling him that he would die in six days. All that people were under control of Clarence even the priest was included.
Angus stood up and took his sword which was shining much and was a high tech weapon. He turned towards all and told them to be prepared for the next battle. They all were counted five hundreds and less. Angus wanted to fight quietly but he was known that it was quite impossible. But he was having the hope of God. He was quite sure that he would help peoples from Clarence and would take kingdom of God on earth. Angus went to crave of his love Rose. He remembered all that happy days. He was totally changed. He knew that she was not departed from him. She was in the form of energy in him. The source of energy in him was coming from her sacrifice and she was present in that energy. But something was missing and he was unable to find it. All though, he had tried his best to face Devil, his mutual position of mind was not yet set. He was waiting for something. It might be the reborn of his love. But there was no hope seeming at that time. He had found out all the possible persons who were not in control of Clarence and there were no possibility to find anyone else whose soul was pure.
Angus decided to go to that mountain again to solve some questions. He walked towards that mountain and reached there after a long walk. He sat down there and started to wait for that energy which had saved him in the past. Suddenly, Clarence came there and welcomed him on that mountain. Angus was surprised and asked him how he could make that. Clarence could walk on that pure land without any hesitation. He replied to Angus that he had cheated God and was going to rule on pure places in the future. Not only was this but he now able to control that unlimited energy on that mountain. Angus shocked much and decided to go from there. Angus lost his faith on his confidence now and that only thing Clarence wanted. They fought with each other and Clarence easily won upon Angus because he was succeeded to control on Angus confidence. After many struggle Angus succeed in running away from that place and reached on another mountain.
Here, peoples were waiting for Angus order. They were ready to start the next battle. Their plan was to destroy the main building of the city which was main financial center of that city. By destroying that building they were going to destroy the economy of all worlds because that center was containing all the financial data. By that they would succeed to remove money from world and money was the key by which devil was ruling over all world. Money was developing all the devil activities in peoples. It was necessary to remove the word money from world. By that they were going to distribute equal resources to all peoples. But their hero was on that mountain frustrated and out of confidence…
Angus looked up on the sky. He was quite thirsty. He remembered his love. He knew that there was no mean of her sacrifice. Angus had no idea for now to appose Clarence. Clarence was become most powerful on earth now. And there was no hope seeming at that time. Angus yelled for help to God. He cried there and stood up by some inspiration and walked towards up on that mountain. He came over there. He listened one sound there. It was sound of God. He told Angus that he had to return to his people and explained that there he would find his hope…
Angus descended from that mountain and reached to his house where all were waiting for him. He stood there told all what was happened. Angus told all that soon he would find the hope and they would then attack on that building. Before that he wanted to live alone for sometimes. Peoples left that room…
Here, Clarence had completed his weapons and was ready for the next world war. He had planned to attack on UK first with nuclear weapons. There were only six hours left in next world war. This time Angus was unable to fight with Clarence. But he was sure that he would get the hope…
In city there was a girl on one shop who was selling toys. She was looking damn beautiful. Her name was Jasmine. She delivered toy of God to one child and police caught her. She was taken in the chamber where lots of peoples were laid on floor and were yelling that Clarence was their God. They believed only in Clarence. Those peoples were those who had praised God and were caught by police. Jasmine came there and took one child in her hand. She poured water in her mouth. Police was about to hit her. She stood and started to fight with all the police. She released all the peoples from there and took them at the house of Angus. She introduced herself and others to Angus. Angus surprised. Even he was unable to fight against Devil and one common woman had fought alone with all. He asked her how she could make that. Jasmine replied that she knew everything about him. She had got that energy few time ago and she was able to see present, past but not the future. She told Angus that what ever he had seen on that mountain was wrong. Second Mountain was real one and first one was only the illusion created by Clarence. Clarence was only wanted to destroy Angus confidence and by that he was able to destroy all the powers of Angus. Jasmine told Angus that hope that he was finding for was she. She was going to help him. Angus understood all things perfectly. He stood up and yelled lets destroy the building. Peoples got ready for the next battle. Future of earth was going to decide on that battle…
Angus returned in the city. He looked like true warrior. His powers were back. And this time someone supported him. They all entered in the main room of that building where the super computer was kept. Angus told them to make troops. They were divided into ten companies. All were having latest weapons. They were planning to leave that room before security came. All Angus had to do at that time was to destroy that super computer. That computer was containing all the financial data of whole world. Angus turned towards it. Took the weapon and he was about to destroy it. Suddenly, Clarence came there. They all started to fight with each other. It was fight between good and bed, truth and lie, God and Devil…
After a long fight Angus won upon Clarence and caught him in the jail. Jasmine had fought bravely there but she was tired and she faint for sometimes. Then Angus took her in his room. He was watching her face. He felt something in his heart. It was feeling of love. Suddenly, Angus heard the voice of God. He was telling him, Angus, Jasmine was none but Rose. Her soul was of Rose and that’s why she had felt in love with you. Accept her. She was the only hope for you now. Together you would make peoples free from the control of Clarence. Angus accepted God’s speech. Jasmine waked up and asked Angus what was happened. Angus told him all. He then kissed her and they were felt in love with each other…
Clarence was in jail now. All the peoples whose souls were pure were happy. But many other were under control of Clarence. The whole world might be. And they were ready to do anything for Clarence…


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