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Smile And Face The World (a song lyric)

by Mickey 

Posted: 30 January 2008
Word Count: 214
Summary: This is an old song lyric of mine that Iíve re-worked to be sung to the tune of ĎIím Waiting For The Dayí from the Beach Boysí ĎPet Soundsí album

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Iíll make you glad you befriended me
Now that your world has ended
He canít hurt you no more

I know youíre sad so let me turn the key
Weíll put the pain behind you
And weíll close that door

You canít forget what youíve been through
You say weíre friends Ė thatís all I mean to you
Donít look back, just smile and face the world again

I want to be beside you on that day
When all your hurt has gone
And youíve a new lover who

Was always there to wipe those tears away
And help you to discover
Heís the friend you once knew

Iíll help you mend that broken heart
And as your friend I have the perfect start
Donít look back, just smile and face the world again


Iíll help you mend that broken heart
And as your friend I have the perfect start
Donít look back, just smile and face the world again

So Baby donít look back just put your sorrows way behind you
Donít look back, remember Darling that my love will find you
Donít look back, my love is true I want you to believe me
Donít look back, Iím never ever gonna let you leave me
Donít look back Ö

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Comments by other Members

James Graham at 19:52 on 31 January 2008  Report this post
Hi Mike - I've just spent a happy half hour reading some of your comic verse in the archive. 'Writing silly poems' you say modestly in your WW profile - writing very funny poems I'd say. Maybe this says something about my personal tastes, but my favourites are 'Tea and Tarts' and 'Poetry Brothel'. I admire your rhyming skills too, how there's seldom any sense of the rhyme being forced, and often the second of two rhyming lines has the effect of a knockout punch line.

But...your new posting is a pop song lyric, and I haven't a clue about song lyrics. I'm like the judge who hadn't heard of the Beatles. But there are WW members who do have a clue - who will actually know the Beach Boys song! - and I hope they will post some knowledgeable comments soon.


joanie at 20:18 on 31 January 2008  Report this post
Hi Mike. I'm really glad you've joined this group - it's a good one! I am searching in my memory for the Beach Boys' song - and I went to see Brian Wilson live only recently! I'm trying to sing along ........... ! Meanwhile, thanks for posting. I'm making up tunes and having a good ol' sing.



Mickey at 09:37 on 01 February 2008  Report this post
Hi James and Joanie,
Thank you both so much for your comments. Joanie, you regularly offer me encouragement and Iím glad that you like this one - the originalís on the ĎPet Soundsí album and I reckon my words fit the tune quite well. James, what can I say? I feel really honoured to receive such a positive comment from the site expert. I donít consider myself particularly Ďmodestí, I just recognise that my work is like the ĎBeanoí compared to ĎThe Timesí alongside all you professional poets. I don't My sincere thanks again to you both.


A complete sentence


As I was saying! A complete sentence disappeared at the end of my response. It should have finished "...I don't consider it any less valid for that, just...well 'silly'"

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