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The Marathon and Half Marathon: A Training Guide

by grummy 

Posted: 26 January 2008
Word Count: 226
Summary: A complete guide on how to prepare the body for a 13.1 or 26.2 mile road race. The book covers all you need to know about how to train for and finish an endurance event, from training plans to nutrition to injuries

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For many people, the mere thought of subjecting their mind, soul and cherished body through a 13.1mile (21km) or 26.2 mile (42.1km) run, is enough to make them feel exhausted – and who can blame them?
For most of us, a full time career and twenty-four hour family commitments makes the sofa and TV remote control a pair of luxury items we would happily pay to spend more time with. To contemplate sacrificing this indulgence for a tracksuit, trainers and the open road seems nothing short of crazy.

Curiosity however, eventually gets the better of thousands of people every year. Once in a while during those precious minutes in front of the TV, a closet marathon “wanna be” will inadvertently tune into live coverage of a famous Half or Full Marathon. It is in that instant, if only for a short time that the curiosity sets in. The sight of ten’s of thousands of men and women from every walk of life, all helping to raise millions for charity, subtly embeds itself into the mind and the question is quietly raised – could I do that?

As much as people try to shake off the ridiculous proposition of running a marathon, once the seed is planted, it simply refuses to go away.
Eventually, the question of “could I do that?” changes to “I could do that”

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