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by joanie 

Posted: 25 November 2007
Word Count: 18

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all the world
ahead of you;

your oyster
hiding the pearl

of a life
yet to be lived.

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Comments by other Members

V`yonne at 17:37 on 25 November 2007  Report this post
Joanie, this is lovely. It's not really about an oytser but about life. If I were you I'd call it, 'Seed' like in the seed of life and that is waht happens to an oyster, it gets seeded. Just a thohgt. Feel free to ignore. It really is beautiful.



oytser??? OYSTER I meant.


Now you know why I'd call it Seed. Can't spell oytser!

joanie at 18:46 on 25 November 2007  Report this post
Thanks, Oonah; I'll have a think about the title.

Ticonderoga at 14:17 on 26 November 2007  Report this post
joanie -

You've really mastered the minimalist method. Very fine.



DeepBlueGypsy at 17:56 on 26 November 2007  Report this post
joanie- the ability to make 18 words into poetry-wow! Well done! the oysters natural way of dealing with an irritant- encase it so that it no longer is bothersome, so from something that causes discomfort a precious "jem" is formed. Any words that can remind me of this is a true "jem". Thanks! Divi

joanie at 20:28 on 26 November 2007  Report this post
Mike and Divi - thank you very much for the encouragement! Glad you enjoyed it.


R-Poet at 16:31 on 27 November 2007  Report this post
Looks like time for a haiku competition?



joanie at 23:59 on 29 November 2007  Report this post
Steve, a Haiku competition would be excellent!

Ambitions of Lisa at 12:37 on 01 December 2007  Report this post
You say so much in just a few words.
It's lovely!

joanie at 15:05 on 01 December 2007  Report this post
Thanks, Lis! Glad you liked it.


James Graham at 13:30 on 02 December 2007  Report this post
Joanie, I don’t want to make it sound dry, but this is a lesson in the art of metaphor. About a hundred years ago when I was an English teacher, I had my little stock of ‘good examples’ to show what a metaphor is. I could have added your oyster to my collection - it’s one for young people too, who collect so much grit under their shells, but in time may manage to produce pearls, even occasionally a ‘pearl of great price’. But I’m glad I don’t have to teach good examples of metaphor any more, but instead just enjoy your poem.


joanie at 21:14 on 02 December 2007  Report this post
James... 'dry' is excellent. An example of a metaphor suits me fine! Thank you so much.


Tina at 08:02 on 14 December 2007  Report this post
Hi Joanie
Late to this
Loved it
Been away for a while - back now.

joanie at 09:18 on 15 December 2007  Report this post
Thanks, Tina. Good to see you.


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