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by allieUK 

Posted: 14 November 2007
Word Count: 207
Summary: Erotic poetry....or is it?

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In her kitchen bathed in yellow noon
She toils alone, with whisk and wooden spoon
Blue riband-winning sponges gently swelling
In the heat, two tender mounds, compelling.
Watching them in silent lonely pleasure
Reaching dreamily for knife and measure
Slowly, gently, lovingly swirling cream
On cresting surfaces in heated dreams.

In her study, bathed in amber light
She trims the knotted stems of flowers just right
To ease them slowly into vessels waiting
Moisture filled and open, supplicating.
Controlling every entry’s gentle slide
Softly probing, making room inside.
Until a drop of moisture wells and falls
Lubricating lustrous glassy walls.

In the evening, bathed in violet glow,
She knits for orphaned babies, row on row.
Tight pressed stitches, closed like swollen lips,
Poised to part on questing fingertips.
Pliant downy entrances awaiting
Urgent rhythmic thrusting, unabating,
Ever faster, ‘til she stops and sighs
Reclining, spent, and closing slumberous eyes.

In her bedroom, bathed in silvery night
She wears a filmy negligee, in white.
Settles on the bed with heartbeat racing
Her hand drifts slowly downward, searching, tracing.
Feeling for the source of nightly pleasure,
She sighs as trembling fingers find their treasure.
Pressing firmly in that special place -
Tonight will it be Friends….or Will and Grace.

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Comments by other Members

Nik Perring at 20:37 on 14 November 2007  Report this post
Welcome to WW, Allie!

What fun!

I really liked this; brought a smile and a chortle here.

Sorry I've not the time (nor the poetry expertise) to offer any other comments.

Great stuff.


Account Closed at 21:18 on 14 November 2007  Report this post
Sexy and funny, I loved it. I'd be tempted to cut the initial capitals unless they're genuinely starting a sentence - it's allows for more flow and adds to the modern spin.

I'd also make "'til" into "till" or "until" (archaisms have no place, I don't think, in poetry of now) and make "dreams" in the 1st stanza into "dream" - you lose nothing by losing the "s".

Otherwise, fab!


V`yonne at 21:26 on 14 November 2007  Report this post
Yes that is funny and a bit sad at the same time.


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