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That Which Matters Most

by Victor Gente Delespejo 

Posted: 04 October 2007
Word Count: 35
Summary: In an age of outcome, essence has been forgotten. Yet, with time, it grows ever so stronger, and, at one fateful point in time, it shall burst through the seams, releasing the vital force from its cell...

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They have strength in numbers, volume,
They have mass,
But we… we have something else,
Nothing more and nothing less than that which matters most,
That which they have given up;
We have the right!

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Comments by other Members

Ticonderoga at 13:48 on 08 October 2007  Report this post
Hi -

I like this as far as it goes........but it's just TOO allusive for my taste. Is that 'right' as being right, or as in the right too.....? If the latter, the right to what? If the former, that closes the poem and reduces it. I'd like more of this and more of your thoughts.

Write on!



right to.......!

Victor Gente Delespejo at 15:37 on 16 October 2007  Report this post
Hi T,

Thanks for the comments. Sorry for not responding sooner.
Yes, it is definitely not the former right, for that would be too... wrong for an allusive poem! I am referring to the right, that which someone knows they have at some point in time, someplace, somewhere, even if they feel alone and especially when they go with their hearts rather than the numbers... when they follow their souls... when they reverberate with essence rather than pretense, brimming with that sense of righteousness... which can become self-righteousness down the line (when allowed to go unchecked for too long)... but before that happens, I feel that there is a sense of right that is very empowering and not wrong to have at all... I am sure of it!)

Best regards,


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