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And So My Son

by Zettel 

Posted: 26 August 2007
Word Count: 354
Summary: Tongue at least half in cheek.........

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And So My Son

And so my son
we have left
the best
and the worst
to last

You have asked me
what I know
of women
and I wonder
what to say

How long
have you got?
for you will need
nothing less
than a lifetime

and then some

Of one thing I am sure
never think that women
want to be understood
they want tenderness
and love, sensitivity
kindness and perpelexingly
mysteriously they want you
as they will say
to be there for them
as if you could
be somewhere else.

So you hone and buff
your gentle loving arts
only then to find
aggression turns them on
masculinity unleashed
excites your lover’s blood
then when you are rampant
with animal desire they
smile sweetly and pouring
passion-chilling water
douse your raging fire

Not being understood
Is the essence of womanhood
Just when you think you know
the place to touch - it moves
to somewhere else and though
you follow, it sneaks back
to where it was before.
This is called not knowing
a woman’s body properly
Not knowing is the sexual zen
Of baffled loving men.

Beware the words
"Is that all you want?"
never be confused by
the interogative clear tone
this is not a question
and even if it was
the answer is not yes
“of course not” gives you time
to think of something better
but if she changes tack
then be smart son let her

“You no longer love me”
is best ignored I think
but if she won’t talk football
before you take it seriously
before you even blink
your wits about you keep
for if you start on this one
you’ll never get to sleep
and if exhausted drained you nod
expect a rude awakening to
“you selfish thoughtless sod”

But, when joking’s done
this I’ve really learned
lamb to woman’s-slaughter son
if you will respect them
listen hard then learn
like your women first
befriend them if you can
then when in love they give you
All that they can be
They will show you ecstasy
And then you won’t need me

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Comments by other Members

Tina at 10:16 on 27 August 2007  Report this post

Reading this in haste before departing south I know it deserves more time but had to stop to say how much I have enjoyed it. The stream of consciouness/ talking style - the many excellent asides and comparisons, the length, the development of the poem - and its themes. Excellent - thanks for posting - more like this please.


PS - BUT as a woman I dont much like labelling either that I like to be understood or not - I would much prefer to just be me - as I don't much feel like anyone else and God help them if I did!!

Zettel at 11:43 on 27 August 2007  Report this post
Absolutely Tina!

I did say tongue half in cheek....

After 40 years of furore about gender I'm not sure we have even scratched the surface of the issue which I think will dominate the 21st century, especially when one considers the attitude to women in many of the key, especially religious, protagonists. Even the dear old C of E......

I do believe the objective should be to see people as people first and gender second but our culture makes that almost impossible. So glad you liked it though, one of the key signs for me are women who have a sense of humour about themselves. We men have had to develop that for years to survive the merciless teasing of the women in our lives - whom and which we love of course.

Thanks for the reply.



V`yonne at 14:34 on 29 August 2007  Report this post
I love this. The confusions are brilliantly written and the end... gorgeous. I liked the kind of Kipling unertones to the language. Adored
Just when you think you know
the place to touch - it moves
to somewhere else and though
you follow, it sneaks back
to where it was before.

just because it is so true! even from a female point of view. Also the advice on football - although I do not have to compete with that at least.

I was just browsing and came upon this and I am glad I did.

Zettel at 23:09 on 29 August 2007  Report this post
Thanks V

I am so heartened that there are so many women out there with a sense of humour about such things.
And without dwelling on it your second line offers a consolation beyond words!!!!


thanks for taking the trouble to post.


LRF at 17:00 on 31 August 2007  Report this post
Hi Zettel,

Fun and funny, though as a woman it did raise my hackles just a tiny bit. If, as you say, it's half tongue in cheek, I wonder if it wouldn't benefit from exaggerating the sexism even further?

It has a catchy rhythm, and in many places reads like prose that has been arranged differently on the page - I could almost see it as a short prose piece, with even some dialogue from the son?

all in all, enjoyable. Thanks!


Zettel at 16:56 on 01 September 2007  Report this post
Thanks Susan.

What sexism?

No but seriously, to take that aspect of this too seriously would I think spoil the tone. I wanted it to be light and ironic enough to shall we say tease women a little without offending them, especially as I hope the piece so to speak recovers any feminine goodwill at the end that it may have risked losing on the way.

thanks again


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