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Curves Are In

by Angel 

Posted: 02 October 2003
Word Count: 432
Summary: yep, they are

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Curves are in?

OkayÖÖÖÖso curves have been declared far and wide to be, in , so I am fashionably on target for once. Mind you, itís not something I planned. Oh Iíd like to tell you that I had a late hour vision that I should gain 25 extra pounds so as to be on the cutting edge of beauty. No, not so much.

Granted I did decide at the 15 extra pound mark that I liked the curves and what separated me from the planky-bodied pre-teens and rail thin runway models. Finally at the age of 41 I was giving myself permission to accept my womanly body with open arms. What took me so long? Downside; while I was reveling I gained 10 more curvaceous pounds. SIGH. See, curves are one thing; endless hills and valleys are a whole other matter to me.

But I digress. Back to this little matter of whatís in. When are we going to stop this insanity? Why isnít it in, to be comfortable in your own skin no matter what shape or size that happens to be? When will we accept being happy and healthy of body and mind with all that is less than perfect? Who gets to decide what is in? Is this some little known committee at the UN, the Supreme Court, maybe Mr. Blackwell is also head of this department?

Even if you have the in body type of the moment it doesnít stop there. You had better make sure that you have in hair, clothing, jewelry, not forgetting in make-up. When you have that under control move on to making sure that you are eating only the in foods, your gardenís full of in plants, you live in the in house type filled with very in furnishings in all the right colors and flavors. Now letís talk about the kids; they had better be going to the right school and involved in just the right activities, (no, it doesnít matter if they enjoy it or not silly), so when you are being seen at the in restaurants you have the things to talk about to all the other in people.

I guess thatís cool if you enjoy scooting along on the surface of life. Me, not so much, Iím still holding on to the hope that someday, in my lifetime even, that it will be in to be marching to the beat of your own heart and soul. I have always been drawn to the differences in life and people. Itís enlightening, interesting and gives me perspective. Viva la difference!

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Comments by other Members

JohnK at 02:51 on 03 October 2003  Report this post
Hi Dawn -

Lovely piece of work. The best line for me was 'Curves are one thing; endless hills and valleys are a whole other matter to me'.

Also, I enjoyed the mental picture of you welcoming your womanly body with open arms!

You make a good case for not staying with the 'in' crowd, and I agree with you.

Keep on writing! Regards, JohnK.

bluesky3d at 08:45 on 08 October 2003  Report this post
Hi Dawn

As you hint in your last paragraph - a mode of thought that should, in a perfect world, extend to other forms of tolerance - perhaps not merely curves and fashion but also tolerance of those with different ways of thinking and points of view - religion - or non religion etc.

A couple of points-

If the 'in's' were in italics ...ie what's in ? this might assist... but you might not have found out how to do this yet?

One typo - 'be going to right school' should be 'be going to the right school' ?

Welcome to WW. I notice from the forum you are interested in critique - so I hope you'll find WW useful. I've found over the few months I've been a member it has helped greatly.

Andrew :o)

Terry Edge at 20:01 on 08 October 2003  Report this post
Hi Dawn,

You said in one of the forums that you were 'starving' for some candid critiques. So I hope you don't mind if I take you at your word!

My first candid point is that you could perhaps think about giving some critiques of other people's work before expecting them to look at yours.

Second point is that people have nevertheless responded to your piece, which should tell you something about the generosity of many of the writers here. You may think their comments are a little too 'nice', and not candid enough. But again, I think this comes back to you since you don't preface your piece by informing us of what your intention was in writing it or who it's aimed at. How, therefore, can you expect people to be candid? If it's just a personal note to yourself, then there's not much anyone can say. However, if you intend to try to publish it in some form, there's probably a lot we could say.

If the former, then ignore what I say next.

If the latter, then my main comment would be, what's the point in this piece? It's a fine sentiment you express, but hardly original. For a public piece, you need to show us a new angle on the whole what's 'in' issue.

Technically, the writing is full of errors - spelling mistakes and lazy phrases. What, for example, is 'the extra 15 pound mark'?

"I have always been drawn to the differences in life and people. Itís enlightening, interesting and gives me perspective." Again, this is fine if talking to yourself, in a diary or whatever. But in a public piece, you, as the writer, need to tell us why exactly difference is enlightening etc, and what perspective it gives you. This is the point in us reading your work.

Hope this helps.


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