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by joanie 

Posted: 21 June 2007
Word Count: 25

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Enthusing about
golden beaches,
continental climate,
first class service,
five star class,


she longs for
leather arm chairs,
wellington-clad walks,
dripping waterproofs,
British perfection.

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Comments by other Members

V`yonne at 13:04 on 22 June 2007  Report this post
Oh I know that feeling. That's why I always stay here in Summer.

Elsie at 23:10 on 22 June 2007  Report this post
Hi Joanie
I also know the feeling - having had a holiday/trip, I'm yearning for some time off at home. There's an interesting thing going on with the two stanzas - it's not just about holiday v home, or abroad versus Btitain. The expression 'five star class' is one of those things that makes one think the exact opposite - whereas the waterproofs and wellies, the country, speaks of real 'class'.
Again, a concise little gem.

joanie at 23:31 on 22 June 2007  Report this post
Oonah and Elsie, thank you so much.

Elsie, you are absolutely right - very perceptive. I'm really pleased you understood!!


Shika at 09:34 on 23 June 2007  Report this post
Hi Joanie, long time! This made me chuckle. S

V`yonne at 16:20 on 23 June 2007  Report this post
Yes you also got a nice contrast in sound betwwen the harder continental and the soft wet British Summer.

Tina at 18:24 on 23 June 2007  Report this post
Joannie -

Just returned from a while in Suffolk - very English seaside - I know what you mean about the wet wellington summers - almost Dylan Thomas that!!! Very enjoyable and hots the spot - another delight


joanie at 20:09 on 24 June 2007  Report this post
Shika, Oonah, Tina.... thank you vey much for commenting. I hadn't really thought about the sounds, Oonah; you're right!



James Graham at 20:59 on 26 June 2007  Report this post
Nobody mentioned your trademark single line - sometimes it's the last line of a poem, sometimes it's in the middle, as here and as in '5pm at the Garrison'. It always justifies itself. The 'secretly' is important, suggesting that she conventionally goes along with all the notions about holidays in the sun - that wall-to-wall sun is to be desired above all else, and that somehow Britain is a place to get away from as often as we can. 'Secretly' is very good in the way it pivots or 'hinges' the poem. Every reader wants her to 'come out' and openly declare her secret, slightly ashamed, thoughts in the second half.

This comment on the floating line is the all I have to add. I agree totally with Elsie's comment above.


joanie at 23:59 on 27 June 2007  Report this post
Oh my goodness! I am reminded of the advert (was it for BT?) with Maureen Lipman being so impressed that her grandchild had an 'ology'!. I have a trademark!

Thank you so much, James. Once again, I am really encouraged.


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