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Losing My Feet

by Bav Dav 

Posted: 06 June 2007
Word Count: 214
Summary: This is a song from a musical I'm working on. I've lost a bit of perspective on it so am throwing it out for feedback.

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My heart was out of time.
The beats were all out of place.
A lonely young man in my prime.
In need of a saving grace.
You made my pendulum swing.
Itís a syncopated thing.

Iím losing my feet.
Your rhythm made it right.
I gave in without a fight.
Your heart gave me the beat.
I felt the world ignite.
You made me a man that night.

All the good times we had.
All the good things we did.
Although some of it was bad.
Nothing the law would forbid.
I just wish I could move.
You said my dancing must improve.

Iím losing my feet.
You danced just out of reach.
Is it something you just canít teach?
Your heart gave me the beat.
I just couldnít maintain.
The standards that your feet sustain.

When you told me it was over.
All the clocks stopped in my place.
When I said ĎYeah Whateverí.
I wore the truth on my face.
Now timeís standing still.
I wish youíd moved in for the kill.

Iím losing my feet.
I donít know what to do.
My life's tempo came from you.
Your heart gave me the beat.
I just want it to end.
I donít think I can pretend.

I canít pretend.
I canít pretend.

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