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The Wanderers

by Otter 

Posted: 04 May 2007
Word Count: 359
Summary: Another short section of a longer piece.

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The wanderers, who had no houses yet, who lived among the stars and trees, gathered round fires to eat their fruit and seeds at Mothers knee and told their oral histories. Memories of mine and theirs and time distorts the tales so pictures made they to endure but meanings lost as careless child is watching dripping fat of meat and mouth is watering at the food to eat.

Within the ring of warmth and fire the wild beast fears, the stories fall distorted on deaf ears.

“Remember well the lessons here: Once our world was full of fear. The seas rose up and swallowed whole the land of Zu, the air was cold. The globe its shining rays of green was hid beneath a reddish sheen of fire as worlds collided higher.

The cold it came, the ice giants walked upon the land, so I was taught. Now eat this meat the hunter men have brought.”

Within the cave the shaman sleeps and walks on paths of many feet.
“Forget, forget.”
The whispers of the shining huntress sing sweetly and the residents of the butterfly house are soothed and filled with wonder. Dancing light reflects from yellow sand. Lifting hot feet to cool in baking oven rays.

Purple man sat at the foot of a great tree.
A red furred squirrel ran up and down the bark, collecting food and going deep to keep its secret safe. Above the tree the globe was shining bright and yellow light was all around. The good folk who dwell in light transparent crystal vessels sang their song for all to hear and as the squirrel gathered food she heard their voices clear.
Then, scampering along the ground quietly in case the purple man should wake, she buried down to the deep pools where three watch the water that feeds the sap. She hummed the song but had not listened to the words and got it wrong before those there to guide the destiny.

“Oh, careless child who listens not when at the fire, who now will tell the history?”

The purple man saw the green sap of the tree within and understood.

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Comments by other Members

V`yonne at 09:39 on 06 June 2007  Report this post
This is very lyrical and atmopheric which I like and the idea that the child is the new growth that will forget the old. There were a few places it jarred but I will only tell you if you want me to.

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