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Every Day`s a Blessing

by thepeoplespoet 

Posted: 24 April 2007
Word Count: 374
Summary: Don't be too quick to complain.....

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Every Day’s a Blessing

Dorothy brought the cake in as the family gathered ‘round
To celebrate a birthday on an extra-special date,
For Kelsey had a rare disease that never goes away,
In fact, it was a miracle she’d reached the age of eight!

When the doctor told us there was something very wrong
And if they didn’t operate that she would not survive,
We began obsessing on the way to fight the war
To keep our little princess, with the tiny flaw… alive!

We called a specialist right away. I took a second job.
The cost was unbelievable, and we were far from rich.
They told us that her mind was fine but somewhere in her body
Something not completely understood had caused a glitch.

Luckily the “glitch” would not affect her speech or vision,
But there was going be a lot of suffering to endure,
And we were well aware the road ahead was lined with heartaches
And many tough decisions when he said…….
“There is no cure!”

Operations, therapy, and pills were not enough
To beat the awful sickness that would persecute our child,
But we had help from everyone who met our little girl,
The nurses were her willing slaves,
the doctors were beguiled.

Those who get to know her are inspired by things she says.
The doctors often tell us that she actually gives them hope,
Surprised to see the attitude she has about her sickness
Despite the constant challenges with which she has to cope!

That’s the way it is whenever Kelsey’s in the crowd.
She laughs and smiles incessantly though plagued with constant pain.
And many come to understand how fortunate they are,
and tend to reexamine things about which they complain.

Her different way of seeing things is truly quite unique.
Adversity is something that she lives with every day,
And working hard to help her have the best life that we can
Is worth the extra effort and the price we have to pay.

I only wish you knew her,
she’s the sweetest little girl,
But trust me,
I’m not saying that just because she’s mine,
And I can guarantee you,
there’ll be quite a celebration
the day that darling Kelsey reaches
birthday number nine!

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