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Woman (1)

by Zettel 

Posted: 21 March 2007
Word Count: 40
Summary: Part of the collection and very conscious that anyone calling a poem 'Woman' is asking for trouble. But again a single idea poem.

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Woman (1)

A loving woman
is not one
who lets a man
make love to her
he wants

A loving woman
is one who
makes a man
still feel whole
when he has failed
to make love to her

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Comments by other Members

roger at 12:21 on 22 March 2007  Report this post
LOL Zettel, a woman who can achieve that is some woman!



joanie at 22:20 on 22 March 2007  Report this post
Hi Zettel.

I think this is lovely, but (as I just love economy of words) I would lke to see just the second verse standing alone; something like
A loving woman,
one who
makes a man


feel whole

when he has failed
to make love to her

An excellent thought!


Zettel at 23:41 on 23 March 2007  Report this post
Indeed Roger......


I see the thinking and agree it works. But this is so slight just a single thought and a few lines I would not want to interrupt what flow there is.

Thanks both for the comments.


V`yonne at 21:14 on 25 March 2007  Report this post
So there will be a Woman 2?

I'll be interested to see where that goes.

I loved this though and I think it is true too. Sex is so over emphasised in our society that we can feel worthless if we are not 'ACTIVE' or 'successful'..........

The only thing is this is also true when a man values a woman for herself.


Zettel at 07:42 on 26 March 2007  Report this post
Absolutely Oonah

In fact for me the test will be when we can see each other as human beings first and in terms of gender second. As you say, our sex-based culture makes this extremely difficult and no one seems to have any idea what to do about whatever it is that we are doing wrong in our nurturing and education of boys.

I attended a lecture by Germaine Greer a few years back where she had been talking about how the pressures of society and culture created massive problems for girls in arriving at a healthy and independent sense of identity as women. I said that surely if these pressures existed in a sex-based culture were they not equally problematic for boys to come to a healthy and independent sense of identity as men. After all the culture above defines men as the ultimate consumers of sex as a product. Ms Greer who I like despite all replied "that's not my problem" (meaning presumably as a woman). There were a few mothers of young boys in the audience who did not feel much enlightened by that response. Nor me.

I haven't got any magic answers but it does seem to me fundamental that as men and women and parents, we must see this as our problem not that of each gender separately.

Thanks for the comment Oonah. I hope there will be more. It was my intention that this one should express the kind of respect for women you mention and which I feel.



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