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Aussie tales of an american group

by Irina92 

Posted: 04 March 2007
Word Count: 1105

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“Nick, did you bring the satellite phone?” Christie asked.
“She’ll be right, mate, we’ll be there in an hour or --” Bobby answered.
The car veered of the road, clashing into the buttress of a big tree, completely destroying the front of the car.
“Is every thing ok, is anyone hurt?” the worried voice of Christie was audible.
“Yes, we’re all fine.” Michael managed to utter.
“Great, just great, my nail is broken and we are now stranded in the middle of Tasmania, with no car.”
“Oh, stop winging Sandy” Michael said.
“So what do we do now, Aussie, with no satellite phone and no reception?” Nick finally asked.
“Just because you are American doesn’t mean you can boss me around matey! We have to walk, it is not that far, just take the valuable stuff and move.”
As they walked, Christie remarked the natural beauty of the landscape which could not be found in the American country side. The green trees and mountains, in contrast with the beautiful camp waters of the lake, and the true blue of cloudless skies, took her breath away.
Nick caught on occasional glimpse of an animal’s tail, or a slither of a reptile on a rock. Occasionally moving into the sun, leaving the group to explore a few feet away, he could feel the sun’s rays slightly burning his skin.
Michael studied the amazing curves of Sandy’s body as she walked in front of him, thinking and smiling.
Sandy always hated the country side; she did not even know why she came. All she could think about was that beautiful hotel room in Miami with the beach, the surf and the cold ice tea, while she was sitting by the pool waiting for the night to start.
Christie and Nick were from New York, while Michael and Sandy from Miami. As an excursion all first year university students took, they had come to Tasmania for summer camp.
“It’s getting dark, maybe we should stop.” Bobby suggested.
After the long walk from the car, everyone was exhausted and all they wanted to do was to find a place to rest. They stopped under the shelter of a large tree.
* * *
Later that night, when Nick had to fulfil his earthly needs, he went away from the group. In the dark, he heard a soft crackle of dead sticks on the forest floor breaking. He froze.
I’m not afraid, there’s nothing to be scared of anyway, right?
“Sandy?? Michael?? Christie?? Are you guys are trying to scare me, well it’s not working!”
The footsteps quietly approached, and Nick made out a muffled growl.
Something is there and it’s going to eat me, and I’m going to die, I’m too young to die. Panicked thoughts ran through his troubled mind, not letting his think properly. Heavy breathing and footsteps seemed to be the only things he could hear. His heart was pumping out of his muscular chest. The heat became intoxicating. He could taste his own fear. The darkness seemed to cave in on him. An angry roar killed the silence and the petrified Nick fell to the floor as the beast approached. He saw it. It opened its mouth and showed its sharp teeth, snarling at him, its pointy teeth ready to attack.

* * *
Back at the tree, Michael and Christie were getting suspiciously close. As Christie laughed, she would slap his arm, slowly and delicately, gradually inching towards him on the log they were both sitting on.
“Oh you are soo funny, did you know that, and cute too! Ha-ha!” she giggled.
“Aren’t you still with Nick, Christie? You guys were going out when we left New York,” Sandy asked, letting sarcasm creep into her voice.
“Yeah, so what, can’t I have a little fun?”
“You know what? Have your fun, but not in my face!”
“Fine, Michael, are you coming?!” Christie asked taking his hand in hers and standing up.
“Of course!” he replied.
“Oi, mates, it’s mighty dangerous out there, there’s some animals that could kill you in a sec.” Bobby warned.
“Yeah right, that’s only on Animal Planet, nothing is gonna happen to us!” Michael laughed ironically and left with Christie and a torch.
They walked a while before stopping. The torch was the only thing producing light, without it, it would be pitch-dark.
“What do you wanna do?” he asked
“What do you think?” Christie inched towards him, and put her hands around his neck. The torch dropped and turned off, but that no longer mattered. She was with him, the hottest guy she had ever met, as well as the best kisser.

Michael suddenly shifted position, so he could take off his t-shirt. Christie felt something new, licking all over her face, ears and neck. She wondered what Michael was thinking. What on Earth is he THINKING?? I’m not an ice cream!!
“Stop!” she screamed.
“What did I do, I just moved over a bit,” he replied.
“You liked me, it was gross!!”
“That was not me!” 2
Who was it then, she thought, terrified. Christie got up and tried to feel what it could have been. She heard a growl and shuffling of leaves in the distance. She heard panting, heavy breathing, small footsteps. She could feel the temperature rising, suddenly feeling the need for Michael, and human protection. She tried to touch Michael, but felt something else.
“AHHHHH!!!” she screamed, enough to make a chill run down Michael’s back.
“STOP, Come, Sit!!” A calm voice was heard.
The dog obediently went and sat next to its master, licking his hand.
“It’s ok, it’s only me, Nick, and this is the dog I found.”
The terrified Christie and Michael got up and looked at Nick, who was curiously looking at them.
“Where did you find him?” Michael managed to blurt out.
“Actually, he found me, and scared me half to death.” Nick answered.
“Come on, let’s get out of here, I think I’ve had enough of animals for one night.” Christie said, looking angrily at thew dog, as she started walking away.
“Agreed” the two boys replied and followed her, the dog staying close behind.

When the reached the camp, they found Bobby and Sandy sleeping. That night everyone except Bobby slept badly. The thought of another scare stayed in Michael’s, Christie’s and Nick’s minds, while Sandy could not find a comfortable position on the forest floor. In the morning everyone shared their stories and promised to stay together no matter what. They had decided that even in the scariest situations, being with someone else is always better.

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Dee at 13:49 on 04 March 2007  Report this post
Irina, hello and welcome to Writewords.

You’ve not given any indication of the level of feedback you’d like and, as you’re new, you might find that people are wary of commenting on your work.

Can I suggest you go to the Introduce Your Work forum and start a thread asking for feedback. If you also give a little information about yourself and the type of writing you do, and what sort of experience you’ve had, if any, it will help other members to help you.


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