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A Melody

by LiverbirdLou 

Posted: 21 September 2003
Word Count: 169

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Your tune is peaceful
Shrieking in my ear
Oh how I
Long to turn my back
And move away
You will never ever stumble upon me.
To abscond from your rhythm
That persists to shout
And howl
In my ear,

Occasionally at night-time
I organize my getaway
(When you are not observing)
Through long thoroughfare’s
And potholed roads,
At the murkiest of unlit of hours
In a vehicle without a radio,

Is an action I engage everyday
(Do you realise your melodies are blaring?)
Race in and out of my sub consciousness
On estimate a million times a day.
But I cannot declare this to you
Since you enjoy annoying
With your melodies
And quite honestly
I like it occasionally.

My seat inclines
At the pure charge of a thunderstorm
Or snowdrops
Influenced by the time of year
And occasionally
Regardless of all the unscrupulous commotion
You entertain on my psyche
I approach you purely to be tranquillised
Alongside the beautiful ambience of
Your melodies!

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