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A Broken Heart, Where Do You Start?

by LiverbirdLou 

Posted: 21 September 2003
Word Count: 165

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What breaks a heart?
For when it is broken
What causes the breaking?
Is there a heart within the one being broken?
And if so, once the heart’s heart has been broken
What happens to the heart within pieces?
Where do they go…Of the bottom of the heart’s broken heart?
And they forever lingering pieces of emotions.
Never to once be put back together
And who does this heart with the broken heart
Turn to…
I know.
To the beholder…of the heart
The beholder must bare the heartbreak of the heart
And the heart must bare the heartbreak of the heart within
So fixing heartbreak you cannot start from the beginning
For it is a never-ending cycle and once you start from the end
Your end will come and it will only be the beginning.
Start with yourself
Treat yourself right
Then go to the heart within
A heart you need not to live
But to have a heart…
You must first begin to live…again.

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