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by Esther Frances 

Posted: 01 February 2007
Word Count: 156

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Pluto may have lost its blessed vote on the starship-bloody-enterprise
Like so many misnamed entities, it was opened and undone by its foolish definition
Easy for us to sit and judge what has been a clear and, yet dated, misapprehension?
And yet, more knowledge does not make for a public hanging (like the solemn moon)
So let us take off our skullcaps, and associated top hats, to the sun and its poor cousins
Embrace that bag of twiddle-duke that is somehow alien to our pick-and-mix mentality

So that now, as I sit and think - finally transmitting my curious ‘la la’ waves
Too busy, perhaps, to rebuke the irrational regularity of my mistook song
And too ignorant to realize the mindfog of our universal mind map
You should, perhaps, have stayed a while and unfolded your napkin… talked






Planets are lonely by nature – but you knew that did you not?

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