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Final Moments

by Astraleora 

Posted: 15 January 2007
Word Count: 171
Summary: This poem came to me on Remembrance Day 04 after watching the tv events. I think that although the red is a reference to the poppy fields, it also rings true with current events. I will add that I'm not sure the title is write but my mind refused to think of anything more suitable. All comments are welcome, im happy to recieve critical comment just so long as they are justified.

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Shots ring out over a chaotic field
The sounds of War no one can shield
Somebody's child dying here on the ground
A sacrificed soul that may never be found

I survey my surroundings in pain and fear
Feeling like hope has forsaken me here
So many lives have been lost in this fight
How can such horrors ever be right

I welcome my passing as death takes hold
While cry's of victory rain down in the cold
Peace follows War our struggle is done
I played my role to see that we won

No bitterness of death will you find in my heart
For each who have died, we all did our part
These memories of war I have no wish to keep
I need no nightmares to prevent me from sleep

In this sea of red I'll drift far away
I know in my heart that it's better this way
To all that I Leave I love you true
And I pray I made this world better for you.

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