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A New Swing

by Riddlewoman 

Posted: 05 January 2007
Word Count: 584

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Gimme a rhythm,
on your djembe,
Make it hot hot.
Hit a break,
Layer it flambé,
put it on top.
I be speaking now....
telling you a story,
in a melody that’s ill,
bout a lady seeking glory,
and the freedom of the wind.
Prrrrap bap brap
The beat comes back,
sway now,
watch how a useful interject,
she be stepping from a poor house,
could have been a jailhouse,
dropping like a slave house...
still freedom came....
sistah lost her groove there,
no way she could move there,
but if you listen closely,
you see she got game...
When she walks you see her heart beat,
Tears fall from her sleeves...
Lived a life in pain...
But when she steps up to a system,
damn..everyone be listening...
she got magic
and her wisdom just takes you away....
She be vibing about the old days...
Lessons unlearned and new ways..
To reach your soul...
she says first you got a listen,
give up your crazy missions...
understand there is a plan...
written in your name....
she be looking at you now...
piercing eyes,
beating a retreat...
she stops....
doesn’t analyse.
Sings "fool catch wise fo' yo'self..."
I been fighting for my freedom...
too long too long...
the scars I got...
could write a million songs...
my teachings coming easily.
And I had to earn...
paid a high price fo' what I learned...
djembe play me wild,
make it burn burn,
like a volcano,
rising from the earth...
words catch a fire,
And the lyrics sting...
but sistah feels her glory
in her new swing..


Demon blues......!!
Its been a long day,
Damn near eleven pm when I sat down.
Working, struggling, running hard from the demons i can live without.
You see I love being a mum,
But today I am tired........
Tired of doing this thing alone....
I wanna stop for a little while.
Its been a long life
Damn near thirty when I realised....
The demons I was running away from , I carried them inside.
You see I wanted to be a daughter,
Some days it was too damn hard,
Too cold to hold on to,
Too hard to nurture a heart.
Its been a long night,
Damn near 3 before I could sleep,
Those demons i been running away from make most noise when I'm seeking peace.
See I wanted to be souljah,
Wanted to fight for my race,
But my race was already fragmented....
Fighting each other for a place.
At capitalisms table,
And designer labels,
Those who aspire to the middle class pyre,
Two shots are fired and a mother is crying
She'd carried a child who carried the brain with a cure for AIDS,
Now she lies slain,
and the state of my nation,
rocks my foundations,
my tears and perspiration,
are salted with frustration,
gotta stop and take stock,
see what's on top..........
And then demons I'm chasing,
lyrical assassination,
no pausing for breath,
no justice no rest.
So here am I taking a sip,
a creative dip,
seeking to understand,
the vibe that drives my plans,
seeking my peace so demons are revealed,
Awareness brings release and clarity cleans..............
Its been a long write,
Too many words to completion,
Past demons crashing in,
Its from their deaths that i speak from........
You see I like telling stories,
Sometimes words flow so easy....
Rush like water falling,
And then I'm still,


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Comments by other Members

tinyclanger at 13:44 on 06 January 2007  Report this post
Hi Riddlewoman, welcome to WW!

I particularly enjoyed the first of these, great rhythm and pace - would love to hear it read aloud.

You have an original and distinctive voice and I think WW will really benefit from having your input.
Look forward to catching up with more of your work.

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