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My dad had cancer

by jordan1991 

Posted: 05 December 2006
Word Count: 251
Summary: a poem about my dad

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Cancer Poems about My Dad
My dad had cancer from head to toe,
When I found out I was really low.
Testicul, liver, lung and spine,
He used to spend his days drinking wine.
He had a job, a family to look after,
But all of a sudden comes a major disaster.
The cancers hit and he’s gunna die,
All I wanted to do was cry.
32, this is so wrong,
No one knew he had cancer for so long.
My Nan was ill, my mum was a wreck,
I felt so sorry for her; I would of hit the deck.
Back and forth, here and there…
It must have been a mighty scare.
She is so strong, that you’ll never no,
But my dad had cancer head to toe.
Any time he could pass away,
Any time and any day.
What would you do, if you were me,
Would you cry or be strong for ya family.
My dad is now 40 and strong as ever,
My family will always stick together.
We lost my Nan but not my dad,
When I think, I am so sad.
She was so strong but the illness took over,
She was lucky and lovely just like a 4 leaf clover.
My dad is over the dreadful attack,
Many years later, he’s off his back.
I am so lucky, to keep my dad
The cancer no longer makes me sad
Thank you dad for being strong we stuck together all along…
Lv ya xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Comments by other Members

joanie at 23:13 on 07 December 2006  Report this post
Hi Jordan. I read your profile where you say that you love poetry.... so do I! It's fantastic to be able to write how you feel - great therapy.

This poem really shouts out! Your feelings leap off the page and are very raw somehow.

Perhaps you could think about whether you want a capital letter at the start of each line; if you write it in Word, it automatically capitalizes each line. Personally, I think it's better if you do it as if you were writing prose, but that's your choice, really. See what you think.

I enjoyed reading this; keep writing - I look forward to more of your work.


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