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The Unexpectedness (of you)

by Esther Frances 

Posted: 16 November 2006
Word Count: 293
Summary: Too good to be true....

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Just as I thought
I had it solved
The meaning
of life…
As I lounged
in a comfortable place
and languished
Sprawled and brazened
And ubiquitous
It was inevitable
that you would catch me short
and still my gaze
with your smiling face
Bloody beaming out
from that wretched
damned computer
That wilderness
your face... smiling
A picture of blissful happiness
that drew me in
to the virtual space
The only space
that I shared with you
I glimpsed you by
In a casual blink
Looked at your wisdom
The contrast
of the Buddha
and your love of art, food, love
Beguiling things
Yet purity shone through
in spindles of weary light
I could just about see you
if I moved the clouds and stars
I could just about
imagine from where you’d come from
to revisit me
if I closed my eyes
and breathed
And there you were
Your voice gentle
Your smile - untelling
Your tales of sufferance
And yet I was tied to you
by invisible bonds
by tears of empathy and joy
For I had known you in happier times
And you had known
that I would be your comfort
in such wretched ones
I accept our karmic bond
and warmly welcome
what the future does not hold
Because what are we
if not beholden to our lessons
The ones we have to learn
What we are
Is who we are
And we are love
And forgiveness
And loneliness
And ordinaries
We are love
But when I lie with you
We are the spring
We are the blessed
There is a lover still
who plays the hart
There us a lover still
who plays the heart

Be he patient
Or be he not you
Nor be me she

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