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The Evans Collection

by Scott 

Posted: 13 September 2003
Word Count: 623

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The Writer

To be creative is to be a human being

Or else we're just machines

A virus on the Earth just spinning

To break from the motions

Enrich the darkness with our emotions

To explain the happiness in a dying mans heart

And express the stark message in a comical farce

How tragic it would be for not sharing

To go to your grave, the world not knowing

Not caring

To be a writer is to be a human being

To break from the motions and enjoy the gift of living


All That I had

I've experienced love

The wonders that could only come from above

I've experienced pain and terrible loss

I've experienced it all so take me now

For I no longer have any more to gain

'Life without wonder is not a life at all'


We are all one, born from one night

Arriving when someone or something decided the time was right

A magnificent explosion ripped and roared and the universe came when called

So from a night, a single night, a massive BIG BANG occurred

The stars formed

So for all its size the universe all started at one point

For all our differences and borders on land, to how we look and where we stand we all come from that night

We are all one and apart of each other

So love yourself, your WHOLE self

Donít take cover

Nothing and Something

Why did the universe begin?

How did it?

How could something come from nothing?

Perhaps there was NEVER nothing

To know nothing is there you have to have existence to realise its not there

And if something exists to know it not there then something exists

And so there can never be nothing

To have nothing you need something

And with something you canít have nothing

The Question

If no living creature existed

If there was no consciousness anyware to be aware of it surroundings, such as the universe

would it exist?

If nothing knew it was there would it exist?

The answer is yes

If a tree falls and no ones hears it, does it make a sound

The answer is yes

Just because you do not witness an event it does not cancel out the event

So another question is if that is the case what things DO exist that we do not know about, maybe we can not see them, hear them or touch them but perhaps still they exist

I wonder what they are?

The hand that guides

The pill in my hand keeps the depression at bay

The booze I will drink keeps me merry in another way.

It's the words my fingers type that keep me happy and alive today

Whose right to cry

My life looks charmed

The waters calm

I have a lovely life

Yes and a lovely wife

I suffer no terror

A life seemingly free from fear

So I have no right to cry?

I donít live with war, poverty or hunger

I am not going to die

Well not yet

So clearly I have no right to cry?

But weep I do, secretly so

My happy face hides a mind almost six feet low

ďWhen you fall asleep before I do, having sweet dreams of me and you, waking up to the sound of what ought to be a Cockatoo, I am still awake at a time set still, thinking of perils to give me a chill. Alone in my mind, oh a dangerous place, the images race and the demons give chase. How can I make them stop, rid myself of my invisible stropĒ

So behind my smiling eyes

My soul gently cries

But why?

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