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by Tigger23 

Posted: 03 November 2006
Word Count: 230

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Little Pioneer, a world of your own.
I remember seeing your footprints in the Snow.
I remember seeing your breath in the frozen air.
We will inherit a world of promises, infinity and dust.
We will watch what was gold become tarnished.
We will go through the rituals of the end of the year,
Sending Christmas Cards to supposed friends we have not thought about,
Since we sent them their greetings last year.

We wanted to put a ladder up to the stars,
For the man in the moon, just to say hello.
I remember seeing your footprints covered over by snow.
Little Pioneer,a world of your own.
It was two years after the King had died,
and all four Beatles were still alive.
A year later, we made sleigh tracks
all the way down Robinswood Hill,
there are probably parts of my kite there still.

The Man in the moon stares down on windswept walkers,
A Snowman watches through his coal black eyes,
At Children playing, and hears fast and slow talkers.
Little Pioneer, a world of your own,
Soon you grew too big for your little town.
If it snows on Christmas Eve,
I will see your footprints in the Snow,
See your breath in the midnight clear air,
and know things have changed,
for the snow has covered your footprints,
as soon as your feet fell.

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