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Stripped Bare

by Esther Frances 

Posted: 18 October 2006
Word Count: 360
Summary: Essentially being who we are

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You have stripped me bare
Left me lying on the stark, driven snow
Reminded me of my traumatic birth
Of how I came to be here
And, indeed, how I came to be so ....well ..

You have peeled away my many unknown layers
Left me feeling unfoxy vunerable
Crying, I try to scribble HELP in pencilip
And yet I had forgotten
How infrequently one really feels...

You have bared to me your inner vacuum
Opened up your waistcoat, deeply pocketed with you
With wisdom, offers, events
Deductions and added value and..
What I now recognise intuitively is your absolute...
Bastardo de bravado

You have doubted yourself as I perhaps once did
At only 5 years of age...I could count and tell-the-time...
With the same oblivious clarity
The same fearful, seductive rationality
That perhaps could have unundrowned our waterlogged kitten.....
The DOE-EYED one who had been miraculously saved..

And yet...

You have taught me nothing that I didn't know
You have simply and clearly contexted it
In everything I had the knowledge of before
So that the sense you have made of me
Is not buyable, indeed, not even for general sale....
You have, therefore, given me a non-commodity adababble........................

And you have sang to me and stroked my fragile wings
And kept them sultry, preserved and still
And, further, you have painted those weaker wings
With microchasms of colour and unspoken sounds
With pigments of human hair and clotted blood
You have coloured me into mine, and thine, own self

You have actually undone your hooks and eyes
Releasing all your various, pleasant secretions
Into my chromatographic prisms and seeing speculums
With an unknowing incredulous inner self
So that with your fear of detachment, alongside mine......
We make a fascinating card game that has no name

...that has no winner

indeed, you have unburdeoned yourself to me
And I have given my crucial sorted stuff to you
So that you can take or leave me as you please
With a willing and impartial heart
So that with your demons and with mine, we should make....
That veritable portrait that others may adorn

OURSELVES as distinctive from US...............

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