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Swapping Geometry for Answers

by Tigger23 

Posted: 06 October 2006
Word Count: 178

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Swapping Geometry for answers

How many summers in a square?
Asked winter of the triangle.
The triangle wanted to answer,
But he had no opinion.

How many squares in a government?
Asked the student of his professor,
The professor wanted to answer,
But could offer no proper solution.

How many punishments are in my sentence?
Asked the prisoner of his parole officer,
How many crows are in a murder?
How many murders are performed by Crows?
Asked a small boy of Edgar Allen Poe,
Who had no answer and decided to base his poem around the Raven.

Nevermore will we swap geometry for answers,
When no answers are forthcoming,
Nevermore will we swap money for honour,
And loyalty for someone else’s treachery,
Said the King to his people,
Who were too busy watching the football
To listen to their sovereign’s warning.

Nevermore will we swap the riches of this afternoon,
For the promise of tomorrow’s morning
Said the king of time,
As he froze the sands in the hourglass
And paid back what he owed for his crime.

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Comments by other Members

apsara at 05:37 on 09 October 2006  Report this post
Love this - it really picks up momentum as it goes along, creating an Alice in Wonderland-like world that also seems all too real. I love the use of the Poe Raven poem - without being a copy it builds on it well.
Well done! As you are the only one to take up my challenge so far this may mean you are the winner as think 7th was my deadline. Lots of people promised something but yours is the only one I've seen....

Beanie Baby at 20:57 on 10 October 2006  Report this post
A worthy winner, Tigger. Beautifully written and a good working of the phrase!

Sorry I didn't get to it,Tracey. I did try - but mine wasn't a patch on yours or Tigger's - so I ditched it!

cariad at 13:33 on 23 April 2007  Report this post
"How many crows are in a murder...
....base his poem around the Raven"
one of my very favourite poems
not many poems grip me straight away, but this one did
most i have to read several times
i loved it


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