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by joanie 

Posted: 20 September 2006
Word Count: 62
Summary: It is very difficult! Bullying seems to be cut and dried - don't ever believe it!

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(pronounced 'Arron')
is struggling.

He tries
to keep his mouth shut

too often
he calls a quiet

a stupid cow
or taunts a Chinese

His Mum
and Gran defend him.

can bullies
get away with it
these days?"

Aaron is a victim.

Aaron will sleep well

cry, until tomorrow

new terrors.

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Comments by other Members

NinaLara at 08:44 on 21 September 2006  Report this post
Hi Joanie,

I like the way you have told a complicated story in a sparse and simple way. I was wondered about the words the Mum and Gran spoke - but in the case of this poem decided this was a good thing because it points to the fact that he is bullied - perhaps in a different way. I like this poem more with each reading - it is deceptively simple.



Just though I'd add that I thing the first verse is perfect - the 'pronounced Arran' points very well to the difficulties of a teachers life!

joanie at 09:08 on 21 September 2006  Report this post
Thanks, Nina! You should see how some of the names are spelt!!


Nell at 11:02 on 21 September 2006  Report this post
Hi Joan,

I keep reading - there's something compelling in the simplicity and the form.
Some thought-provoking lines here:

He tries
to keep his mouth shut...


Aaron is a victim.

which seems to relate to the words spoken by his mum and gran - I did find those puzzling at first, but decided that in a way they might be somewhat ironic, since bullying is something that tends to passed on.

I wondered if you could lose that second 'will' and place a comma after 'cry' to make the crying of the victims seem more actual? Just an idea - see what you think.

Schooldays are definitely not the happiest of one's life, whatever anyone says.


joanie at 12:30 on 21 September 2006  Report this post
Thanks for reading Nell. Yes, it is ironic; Aaron's Mum and Gran are convinced that he is a bully only because he is bullied himself - not true at all!

I did wonder about the second 'will'. I think you're right; I'll change it.

Thank you for your thoughts.


Nell at 15:17 on 21 September 2006  Report this post

Ah! The thought that crossed my mind was that his mum and gran might in some way bully Aaron, or possibly have taught him the sort of attitude you describe (the name-calling and the racial taunts) by their example, yet be totally unaware of it. But the poem does make one think, and works well for not being explicit, for allowing the reader room for interpretation.


joanie at 22:06 on 21 September 2006  Report this post
Thanks again, Nell, for returning.


Elsie at 19:36 on 22 September 2006  Report this post
Hello, I have to admit my unexercised poetry brain didn't get it until second reading. It is so true of how parents really have no idea of who's taunting who at school.


joanie at 12:29 on 23 September 2006  Report this post
Thanks, Elsie. Parents have no idea at all, really!


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