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by Derolyn 

Posted: 05 September 2003
Word Count: 38

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As love is complex, matters of the heart unfair,
I have resolved to move forward for the pain I can't bear.
Overcome with apprehension, harbouring feelings of regret,
You forever are remembered as the one I can't forget.

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Comments by other Members

olebut at 10:10 on 06 September 2003  Report this post

firstly welcome to Write Words I am sure youwill enjoy yourself an dfind it a good experience

as for unrequited

true words indeed,one slight comment

the penultimate word of the first line is that deliberate a typo or a freudian slip?

take care david

Ellenna at 10:38 on 06 September 2003  Report this post
Hi Derolyn.. unrequited, yes not a nice place to be and you have captured those emotions well...

I too wonder about the word "heat"..but I guess it depends how passionate it gets:)

sad but lovely poem about having to move on..it spoke to me alright.

Ellie :)


oh yes Welcome to WW...

Derolyn at 01:08 on 07 September 2003  Report this post
"Heat"? sorry, meant to be "heart". I can only echo the sentiments of Oscar Wilde who once said " a poet can survive anything but a misprint". This, the result of a sleepless night and endless cups of coffee. Cheers for your comments, it's truly appreciated!

Derolyn at 01:29 on 07 September 2003  Report this post
As a part time member I can only post one piece of work at a time. Thus, I'm forced to find innovative ways to cheat the system in order to display my work ;-) I've penned yet another thought I hope to be found pleasing to the masses -- or at least anyone who will "listen".


Amid life’s chaos I seek to find, a temporary escape for appeasement of mind.

olebut at 08:29 on 07 September 2003  Report this post

why cheat the system just join as a full member, then you can post ad infinitum

Derolyn at 03:58 on 11 September 2003  Report this post
The check is in the mail ;-)

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