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The bird that was scared of heights

by Dekomposer 

Posted: 23 August 2006
Word Count: 201
Summary: This forms part of a project that I have been working on for a while. It forms part of a volume of bedtime reading for children and adults with a sense of humour. It would be nice to get feedback before I go Agent huntimg!

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“It looks a long way down”
Said the little bird
To his Dad who was standing by,
“I’m bound to fall
And hurt myself
If I really try to fly”.

“And my head spins around
When I look at the clouds
They float so very high,
And I’m scared of the thought
Of leaving our nest
Was I really born to fly?”

And his dad gave the boy
A comforting look
And paused before he spoke,
And wrapping a wing
Around his son
A quick cough to clear his throat.

“There comes a time
In every birds’ life
When he has to fly the nest.
And yours is now”
He told his son
“It can only be for the best”.

“This nest is old
In disrepair
It needs updating too,
It has no heat
Nor comfortable seats
And we have an outdoor loo”.

“And you my son
Have put it off too long
You should’ve been potty trained,
I’m sick and tired
Of stepping in poo
Which gets sticky when it’s rained”

“So the time has come
For you to go”
Dad told him with a sigh,
And just like that
He kicked him out
He DID know how to fly!

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Comments by other Members

Steerpike`s sister at 18:20 on 23 August 2006  Report this post
Well, I'm jolly glad of that last line!
Either that, or replace last line with



joanie at 15:33 on 26 August 2006  Report this post
Dekomposer, hi! I think this would work well as children's bedtime reading, with/by a parent, especially with well-drawn illustrations, possibly cartoon-style. (I can see a scared little bird, looking down!)

What a gift that 'poo' can now rhyme with 'loo'!

I think that you have probably copied this from Word, which automatically capitalises the start of lines. Aaargh!! Personally, I think it would be better without that.

I would separate that last line to give it more impact and a natural pause.... and a full stop after kicked him out.

Good luck with the agent hunt!


SCM at 21:27 on 14 June 2009  Report this post
Good chuckle - remindes me a bit of Dr. Seuss - better to read this to a child of 6 - rather than wait for him to be sixteen (too late already). Parents will enjoy this!

Also agree with Joanie about the full stop!

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