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by Beanie Baby 

Posted: 22 August 2006
Word Count: 50
Summary: One of my 'complete-circle' poems. Interested to hear your thoughts

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I am a poet,
my heart feels heavy.
My heart feels heavy
because Iím not free.
Because Iím not free
Iím deprived of my food.
Iím deprived of my food,
the power to write.
The power to write,
I am a poet.
I am a poet,
my heart feels heavy.

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Comments by other Members

joanie at 15:37 on 26 August 2006  Report this post
Hi Beanie. I really love this sort of thing. In fact you have inspired me to do another one! Repetition is very powerful, I think.

I have just realised that this is actually very depressing but I didn't read it as such; it just seemed about right really! Oh dear!

I enjoyed the read and the emotions. A good one.


chris2 at 15:40 on 30 August 2006  Report this post
Beanie - Yes, it works. The good thing is that you can read through it without being brought to a halt anywhere (i.e. it all rings true and makes sense as you read it) but when you get to the end you are impelled to go back again and see how the repeated lines fit together. Inbuilt fascination!


seanfarragher at 22:41 on 26 September 2006  Report this post
We drive into our self sometimes so far we cannot be seen unless we turn up the volume (not only in terms of sound but in intensity) and sometimes quiet works better. Your poem brings life to quiet and that brooding we all know when are confronted by the difficulty of our times and allowing our words to show what remains righteous in an ocean plugged with a pedantic depravity

You show us that clarity with your poem

Now, I am not around here much, but I would like to email you my new poems. I have a list of several friends that group mail new work to. If you would like to be on that list, write me a greatriverpress@gmail.com



That clarity and range of sensation is the circle. I forgot the most important sentence. lol. Sean

Beanie Baby at 20:52 on 10 October 2006  Report this post
Thanks Sean , you're a darling.

Doulani at 19:03 on 06 November 2006  Report this post
Dear Beanie,

It gives me a great pleasure to express my appreciation for your poem "YEARNINGS".I could say that it carries a theme that could touch each of us.Why does the poet have that burden?Will he/she be free one day of the routine of life?Does repeation convey the level of desolation?Just think! "My heart is heavy" with words,thoughts,believes and my words wish to set them free.Trust in the " I " in " I am the poet" gives confidence that words will open the cage of the soul.It could be assumed that such busy mind deprive food since "not with bread only man live." Regardless of my words of comment which may take the beauty of this poem,I would say that I love it so much.Best wishes

Beanie Baby at 20:16 on 05 December 2006  Report this post
Gosh - thanks, Doulani!

cariad at 18:31 on 08 February 2007  Report this post
the strong rythem of train wheels going round a cicular track
round and ever round and back
to the beginning
nice one i had to read it over & over getting carried away with the e motion

Beanie Baby at 21:39 on 08 February 2007  Report this post
Thank you Cariad. I think the train-track is a really good simile because that is basically what I am saying - that what goes around comes around.

Thank you for taking the time to read. let me know where your work is and I will return the gesture.
Best wishes.

cariad at 22:16 on 08 February 2007  Report this post
just back in this group 1st poem today am looking fwd read more of urs

paul53 [for I am he] at 09:59 on 19 February 2007  Report this post
There's strength in the simplicity here. Very telling and very moving.

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